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Isaac Andy: Determined to Make Dreams Come True

In pursuit of his well-defined goals, Isaac Andy, Founder, CEO and Director of iZND Services, started his own venture, offering companies the complete spectrum of infrastructure outsourcing services.
After realizing that he had not much control & decisions that are being made, and on the way his solutions were getting used or charged to the clients, Isaac determined to start his own venture. While working for other companies, Isaac built & set many processes himself, which have been used as a standards for most of the IT Outsourcing Services provided by major IT companies.
Work Experience that took the Shape of iZND Services
Isaac started as an Analyst Programmer for a retail company known as Parkson Corporation, where he was developing modules of their POS systems. While working with them, Isaac got an opportunity to travel throughout Malaysia to implement & train the Store managers & staff. Here, Isaac was running ahead of the targeted schedule for the module he was developing. It was after completing his task, Isaac found out that there was no more room for development in the projects he was assigned. Isaac decided to move on and start something new.
Just after completing the project with Parkson, Isaac was offered an opportunity to work as an Onsite & Deployment Lead with Getronics for a new Outsourcing Project with Dell. After the successful deployment throughout Malaysia, Isaac was promoted as a Technical Manager to oversee the deployment that was done throughout the rest of the world.
A few months later, Dell got the contract for MAS’s technical Call Centre & On-site support service which was then placed under Isaac’s responsibility to manage their operations with an SLA of 95% to be resolved within 5 business days.
Isaac, Making Impossible Possible
It was in 2003, that MAS’s Signs IT Partnership with IBM, where Isaac was responsible for designing & producing the first Deskside Management process that was used to Manage entire MAS Desktop (and Windows Server) operations, which also included with a 10 years roadmap for the Desktop Management technologies as well as the support structure that focuses on:

  • Minimal technical support interventions
  • Improving reliability based on the requirements of each department responsibilities within Malaysia Airlines.

These support services include an average of 7000 incidents per month with an SLA of 98% resolution within 4 hours.
It was Isaac, who made it possible to successfully achieve these SLA throughout the contract MAS Outsourcing project with IBM & maintained the standards committed by IBM – the contract value was USD 13.2 million per year.
A Challenge that was Defeated by Instrumenting Wit
In 2008, IATA gave a deadline for all Airlines to be e-Ticketing compliant. Whereby failing to do so, may result in, that the Airlines would not be able to provide their travelling services across the globe, due to which the system might not be able to be integrated with the new guidelines. The results would be, the other Airports would not receive data on the flight details.
Isaac was assigned on this 6 months project to work with their vendor SITA to work on the solution & ensure successful integration at Malaysia. Due to the limited time constraint & urgency to work on the PSS (Passenger Support System), which included e-Ticketing system & DCS (Departure Control System) to be up and running. Isaac decided to get involved with their technical solution team & could identify the issue and provided a solution for them. This enabled them to successfully get their system working & the Migration Guide for the rest of the team to rollout throughout the rest of the world resulting in 100% success in the cutover within the deadline given by IATA.
The Turning Point
This was the turning point of Isaac’s life when he realized that this is the time he should move forward and start his own, where he can offer the solutions he desires and take his own decisions when it comes to instrumenting solutions. In pursuit of his dreams, Isaac built close relationships with the vendors, with whom he and his team had worked closely through these years assisting & supporting each other.
And the time came when Isaac revealed his plans to begin iZND Services to the vendors with whom he was working closely. The vendors showed belief in Isaac and extended their products & services to Isaac to represent them as their Partner to bundle solutions & their services. This proved to be the biggest boost for Isaac, since he was having these large corporations as iZNDs’ partners to gain client’s confidence and trusts.
iZND, One Stop Solution
iZND provides a managed services program featuring a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals specialized in developing services and products to meet the customers’ needs and their best interests. iZND have broad experience providing IT Services and have invested extensive resources and have developed a mature Managed IT Services Program, Cloud Computing Solutions and Professional IT Project Delivery.
It is simply smart to outsource your core and critical IT requirements with iZND as it is easy to lose track of your priorities. iZND will provide you a One-Stop solution providing all necessary hardware or software according to specifications identified based on your requirements.
Isaac’s Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs
Ensure that you have well-defined goals for the targets that you have. Understand that there are always obstacles ahead and will continue to remain there, but know that you can get pass through it by addressing and dealing with it, that when you come across it again, it will no longer be an obstacle, but pathway that you are able to go through.
Always take note of these issues & ensure that everyone in your organization are clear on the processes needed to be done, so that any recurring issues will no longer be a problem, since the workaround is already in place. With all issues out of the way, it will give you & your organization more time & resources to focus on building & improving the necessaries to achieve the long-term goals that you have defined.
And most importantly, Have fun & enjoy yourself throughout your journey.
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