Is This The World’s Smallest Tangless® Insert? – Advanex Europe Ltd.

Advanex Europe Create KATO® CoilThread® Tangless® In Sizes 0-80, 1-64 & MU+0032
Advanex are the proud developers of the industry accredited “KATO® CoilThread®”. Over the last 5 years, the team of talented designers and engineers have been using their skills and expertise to develop the smaller, lighter, free-running 0-80 inserts that can be used in a range of markets including electronics, aerospace and automotive.
The development of the new Tangless® 0-80 inserts, involved working with new wire, tooling and processes to perfect production. The new 0-80, 1-64 and M2 Tangless® CoilThread® inserts are now available to order and have a wide range of applications including electronic equipment and components.
KATO® CoilThread® Tangless® are a unique range of inserts that can reduce the time of the installation process up to 40% when compared to conventional inserts. They offer the following benefits:
Size/Weight – Being smaller than similar fastening solutions, means the inserts can be a space saving and weight reducing solution for your application.
Debris Free – No tang to break off, retrieve, lose or count. The Tangless® design saves time and reduces risk of foreign objects remaining within a critical application.
Time Saving – Bi-directional design eliminates the need to orientate the inserts for installation significantly reducing installation and inspection time. KATO® Strip Feed packaging also speeds installation time.
Reusable – The quick and easy removal means no damaged threads and this non-destructive removal prevents damage to expensive machined parts or castings.
Advanex Europe is the European division of the Advanex Group. With a network of over 20 operators including Japan, South East Asia and the United States. Advanex specialise in designing and supplying metal and plastic components, springs and assemblies to a diverse range of markets including pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, aerospace and electronics. Advanex are firmly committed to developing new products and processes to help them stay at the front line of innovation with their precision components.