IPsoft: Shaping the Future of IT and Business Operations

With the mission to power the world with intelligent systems, eliminate routine work and free human talent to focus on creating value through innovation, IPsoft was founded. The organization is a disruptive technology company, pioneering innovation in the development and delivery of autonomic and cognitive technologies. Since its inception, the founders recognized that automation through digital labor will shape the future of IT and business operations. Inspired by the great minds of the past, IPsoft relishes the challenge of making what others believe impossible a reality.
The Most Advanced Digital Colleague
IPsoft’s Amelia is one of the most dynamic AI systems available. Amelia’s ability to learn, interact and improve over time makes her the market’s only AI that can fully understand user needs and intentions. She delivers real-life business benefits including lower operating costs, higher customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity. When a company hires Amelia, they’ll be able to design her to address a variety of company needs, roles, and verticals—all according to their specific business processes and procedures. She observes, learns, and remembers anything one can ask. She can read emotions and context during conversations with colleagues and customers, on any communications channel. She can do the repetitive work of thousands while helping to improve the creativity and productivity of her human colleagues.
1Desk is the industry’s first truly end-to-end digital platform that delivers shared enterprise services connecting front-office conversations to back-end systems, IPsoft automates business processes that serve employees, customers and citizens, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings.
The Visionary Leader
Chetan Dube is the CEO and President of IPsoft. Twenty years ago he left the world of academics in order to pursue a career in business. He was haunted by the question; “If machines could think, what kind of world would that make possible for and what higher forms of creative expression would that allow for in humans?” Out of that idea, Amelia was born.
While working as the assistant mathematics professor at New York University, Chetan remembers, walking into the library one time and picking up a journal that had one of his old articles – and it literally had dust on top of it. That’s how inconsequential it seemed that his earlier research was mounting to something. So, he felt compelled that he must do something that can meaningfully contribute to the betterment of people around him as opposed to just – what he also used to joke about – being in the “business of cutting trees”, in other terms, writing articles that had little consequence. He nurtured an obsession of trying to see if I could build a company that could be the first one to answer to that illusive Turing horizon.
He was convinced that there could be a more efficient way of cutting costs than replacing human labor with cheaper human labor. He has served in the role in CEO and President of IPsoft since its inception. Prior to founding IPsoft, Chetan served as an Assistant Professor at New York University, where his research was focused on deterministic finite-state computing engines. Chetan is a widely recognized speaker on autonomics, cognitive computing and the future impact of a digital workforce. He serves on the board of numerous IT-related institutions.
Tackling Challenges and Future Roadmap
IPsoft’s mission is to challenge the widespread idea that “robots” will take over human jobs and make us unnecessary, but in fact, the employment of digital colleagues will create new jobs that involve new skill sets such as roles that focus on the creation, maintenance and performance improvement of virtual agents. For instance, top performing human agents might become escalation managers, working alongside virtual agents to ensure KPIs are aligned across the digital and human workforce and steering teams towards new goals.
When it comes to future roadmap, IPsoft believes, tomorrow’s success is not going to be dependent on “hard work” but rather “smart work”, and it will be reliant on trans-disciplinary collaboration and the ability to incorporate advanced technologies in differentiated ways. This human-AI collaboration will allow humans to gain more technical skills, while simultaneously improving the sophistication and efficiency of digital agents. IPsoft enables that journey for any company of any size, across the world.