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Jeff Klaumann | Chief Operating Officer | IoT America

IoT America: Creating Greater Business Value & Quality of Life in Rural America

Today’s advanced communication networks and innovative wireless technologies have revolutionized our lives in so many ways – from immediate, multi- faceted connectivity between individuals to revolutionary tools to help businesses save time and money and improve their returns on investment. Many areas of rural America, however, aren’t equipped with a wireless infrastructure to make all of this possible and, as technology and networks continue to evolve at lightning speed, delivering holistic solutions to remote geographic areas is even more challenging. Internet of Things America  (IoT America) is working to change all that.
IoT America provides managed services that enable municipalities and businesses of all kinds to take advantage of new digital innovations, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their existing operations and manage their technology ecosystems easily and precisely, in real-time. In partnership with existing communications providers, IoT America helps customers access the data they need to make faster, more-informed decisions that increase efficiency, enhance production, preserve natural resources and protect their valuable physical assets.
A key member of IoT America’s Executive Team is Jeff Klaumann, Chief Operating Officer. Jeff grew up in rural America, and members of his family still own and operate farms. With this background, Jeff understands the unique opportunities and challenges that exist for businesses operating outside of urban centers. His expertise in business operations, wireless connectivity, technology strategy, lifecycle management and network deployment have manifested in a unique service provider that empowers customers, as well as wireless channel partners. IoT America’s strategy, and Mr. Klaumann’s, vision is to simplify technology for farmers and ranchers, enabling the company to service clients across rural America, manage private and public network deployments and form strong partnerships with global IoT-solution companies.
Improving Operations with Proven Technology 
The managed-services offerings from IoT America provide solutions that measure soil moisture and temperature for golf courses, city parks, universities and all types of agriculture, such as orchards, vineyards, row crops, and horticultural land used for bulbs, flowers and tree care. Soil-monitoring technology remotely measures soil temperature and moisture levels. Other solution services include trackers for businesses, farmers, and local governments to locate equipment, vehicles or other physical assets, as well as fill-level monitoring for waste bins or liquid containers. All of these services deliver actionable data to help transform enterprise and agricultural operations.
Many farmers, ranchers and businesses are still using time-consuming, manual methods to run their operations,” Klaumann commented. “They gauge soil moisture levels by a ’feel’ test, confirm soil health by collecting samples, and send them to a testing facility—which takes an extended time to get the results. They manage water tanks, feed bins and assets by physically inspecting their land, which, in some cases, can comprise of thousands of acres. By using IoT America wireless sensors instead, key data is automatically sent to a machine-learning, cloud-based platform, enabling farmers to see real-time information adjust irrigation, fertilization, pest control, replenish tanks and bins and more. They can save me, save money and get better results.”
Customer-first Mindset 
Farmers and ranchers have different day-to-day needs than those of campus-based organizations or local municipalities. That’s why IoT America develops customized service packages for its customers that address their needs, solve their problems and provide measurable returns on investment. As new technologies are launched in the marketplace, IoT America is proactive in testing and evaluating them to determine whether they’re of bottom line value to customers, and that they’ll deliver their promised results.
It’s all part of IoT America’s customer-first mindset and corporate culture. Its highly experienced team has decades of technology and mobility experience. The company is fanatical about providing the highest quality service to all of its clients, and it seeks solution providers and partners that share its vision and approach.
The company also fosters creativity and entrepreneurship within its own workplace, and encourages team members to explore and share new discoveries and ideas that can benefit clients. A true collaborative environment, IoT America leadership promotes individual forward-thinking and teamwork support, provides its employees with the freedom to create, and takes resulting new ideas and suggestions seriously.
Working Alongside Clients 
One of the biggest challenges within today’s Internet of Things marketplace is that it’s a crowded space with several companies offering only parts of a bigger solution. As a result, it can be difficult for customers to understand which solution will address their needs best, how to install the devices and how to manage the wireless network. Many times, customers invest in a product based on what it’s supposed to do, only to realize after the sale that the product doesn’t deliver because a key component of the bigger solution is missing.
IoT America managed services addresses this issue by working closely with its clients every step of the way to identify their needs and concerns, identify the optimal solution, manage the installation, test it thoroughly, provide ongoing management and support and–as they become available–install upgrades to enhance a solution’s performance or capabilities.
Exemplifying Satisfaction 
The devices, software and wireless networks known as “the Internet of Things” has proven its potential and ROI,” Klaumann added. “IoT America is among the first to deliver those capabilities, along with managed services, to a significantly underserved market while keeping our finger on the pulse of continued advancements in wireless technologies. Beyond being recognized as an innovator, we want to be known as the trusted partner that helps customers in rural America transform their businesses, their operations, and their bottom line like never before.”