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Involta: IT intelligence from a National Leader

Involta builds data centers that serve its customers while providing IT intelligence and end-to-end infrastructure services. The company functions for clients in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, government, and other industries. The evolution of Involta began with the founding of the Technology Resources Company (TRC) in 1998. CoVault Technology was initiated in early 2006 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Involta was molded in 2007 through the merger of the Technology Resources Company and CoVault Technology, LLC. The amalgamation of CoVault, the only colocation data center company in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, with the data management expertise of TRC formed a company that could both the house and delivers support for clients’ increasingly precarious data infrastructure.
Involta was founded in 2007 and is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Presently, they build, own and operate 14 mission-critical data center facilities in Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. With greatly sheltered facilities and unparalleled experience in data protection and disaster recovery, Involta enables cloud computing, cloud storage, managed IT services and IT consulting for enterprise customers.With Involta, clients gain the performance, stability and competitive edge of enterprise-class IT infrastructure without the capital expense or administrative overhead.  Involta services run on world-class physical infrastructure, including over 5,500 miles of fiber. Their facilities adhere to industry gold standards like ITIL and SSAE 16.
An Incredible Personality of Involta
Bruce Lehrman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Involta, is best known for his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to forman outstanding technology organization named Involta. He has been involved in three greenfield business startups and has also worked with great, nationally recognized brands. In 2007, he established Involta LLC, a privately held multi-tenant data center and IT services company headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And now the company is shaping, preserving and driving world-class, multi-tenant data centers throughout the Country.
Lehrman was entitled as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010” by the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce. In 2012, Involta was awarded “Fastest Growing Company” by CBJ as well as winning the Prometheus Award for IT Service Company of the Year. Lehrman was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Corridor Business Journal. He is on the Board of the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Technology Association of Iowa (as 2013 Chairman), Iowa Seed Fund, MEDCO, Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Van Meter Industrial. Prior to Involta, Lehrman was CIO of RuffaloCODY.
Unique Services with Advanced Working Style
 Over the past several years, they have been focused on their brand promise of building Superior Facilities, Operational Excellence and on their images as the people who deliver.
Involta places an extraordinary value on partnerships and works cooperatively with clients to form innovative and cost-effective solutions. They believe that their success can be best judged by the success of their clients. Involta has assisted multi-billion-dollar clients, including a global media leader, a worldwide manufacturer and a great Midwest-based utility – with planning, implementing and supporting IT initiatives that reduced cost and enhanced IT service delivery.
Involta’s security provides a comprehensive review of the security environment and culture, utilizing a series of automated tools and analysis from experienced personnel. Involta customers use the security services as an input to overall strategic planning, for external audit preparation, and to establish benchmarks for tracking organizational change or effectiveness.
The team members of Involta have the experience and expertise for guiding their clients for getting the optimal solution for their business situation. Involta’s talented, easy-to-work-with team brings value to IT organizations in the private and public sectors. Involta clients agree that the company provides a complete solution and is a valued partner.They take pride in their deep knowledge of the IT industry, expertise in operating and managing data centers, and unmatched ability to solve clients’ unique challenges. Involta is the natural choice for any company or organization with complex data storage and management or technical service’s needs.
Future Visions
Involta’s initially formed colocations services are mainly focused on satisfying their customer’s needs. The private and hybrid cloud platforms formed by them provide the ability to move applications into a virtual infrastructure at a more cautious pace. They have a team of highly certified technicians which directs their clients to get where they wanted to be and keep their data center secure and resilient. Being a true partner of the companies, Involta works and eliminates the challenging task of their clients and makes their lives easier rather than selling them a “service”.
Keeping an eye on the future is essential for long-term success. As an innovative firm, Involta is modifying their technological skill by hiring employees and increasing their work efficiency in supporting the services catalog and reducing driving costs. Also, they are more focusing on the partnerships and relationships with their clients and enriching themselves by making new customers. Involta strongly believes that the better they can be in keeping turnover low, the better they will be at keeping their customers happy.

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