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Internet Security Provider Declares to Secure Political Campaigns

Cloudflare, the network security provider, has announced to provide its security tools and services to secure US political campaigns at no cost. This step of the company is a part of its initiative to secure elections from election interference and cyber-attacks.
It has been noted by the company that the new Cloudflare services or the campaigns will encompass load balancing for campaign websites, a website firewall, anti-bot protections, and distributed denial-of-service attack mitigation.
The Spokesperson of Cloudflare states, “Cloudflare for Campaigns also includes Cloudflare reliability and security guide, which lists a best practice guide for political campaigns to maintain their campaign site and secure their internal teams.” The company added, “although political campaigns are regulated differently all around the world, Cloudflare believes that the integrity of all political campaigns should be protected against powerful adversaries. With this in mind, Cloudflare will therefore also be offering Cloudflare for Campaigns as a paid service, designed to help campaigns all around the world as we attempt to address regulatory hurdles.
Cloudflare has disclosed that it has provided its security tools and services during the 2020 US election cycle to Several congressional campaigns along with 18 major presidential campaigns. According to the company, during those campaigns it has blocked more than 400,000 cyber-attacks which were targeting the campaigns on usual days which went-up to 40 million attacks in busy days.
Cloudflare has mentioned that it is already serving its security tools and reliability services to around 1,000 vulnerable personals and firms globally through its Galileo Project since 2014. The list includes civil rights activists,  journalists, and humanitarian groups.
Matthew Prince, the CEO of Cloudflare states, “we want to make sure you’ve got the protection to be able to compete, and for our democracy to actually work.”He added, “it’s part of our civic duty to be providing these services, and we’re glad we found a way to do it while not violating federal election rules.