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Internet Removals: Assisting to Remove Online Content with Expertise

Since the world made heavy strides in digitization, the volume of data, specifically the data generated online, has reached unprecedented levels. Over 60 percent of the global population uses the internet to upload and store their content. The age group of 18 to 25 comprises the most active users of social media content. Everyone can see and access that content and even can download it to their systems.

Since the reach of online content is very big, it became easy to drive any type of content online. Abusive reviews, hate spreading from unauthorized pages, film piracy, inappropriate private content, and more that is not supposed to be published are there accessible to everyone.

So, privacy and security are much needed. Some companies and governments monitor the data which goes online. But to remove content that is harmful or inappropriate is a long task or procedure to do. Internet Removals is a revolutionary company that provides assistance to remove online content. They have facilitated this service for more than 30 countries. With technology experts, they have a diverse staff that provides this service to individuals and organizations, who have different languages and cultures.

Recently we had a conversation with Ian McKinnon, the Director of Internet Removals, to know more about how much the threat has risen on the internet and how they operate to give their client the best services.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What makes Internet Removals a preferred franchise choice over your competitors?

  • Conservative entry point Licensing Fee
  • Minimal setup costs
  • Minimal plant and equipment (computer and internet connection)
  • No requirement for office or retail commitment
  • High profit
  • Limited ongoing financial commitment
  • Unlimited low-cost qualified leads
  • Quick start-up and income generation
  • Great return on investment
  • Topical and addressing a growing social problem
  • Pandemic proofing

Tell us more about your franchising opportunities, eligibility criteria, and benefits that a probable franchisee may receive.

Internet Removals (IR) is engaged by persons and businesses to assess and remove illegal online content. Online content is now a major risk and problem.  Our business is unique and has very limited competition.

IR provides its services and deals on platforms such as Google, Facebook, websites, ISP’s and in some cases, offenders.

The licensee acquires the license to brand and market and sells the IR services within the area, using the IR proven and tested marketing and sales process and formula. Essentially there is a huge market, and one could say unlimited qualified and ongoing leads. Other services include monitoring and review management. For IR, what entails as starting a franchise are the follows:

  • IR provides all training and ongoing support at no charge.
  • The IR Licensee markets and sells to prospects.
  • HQ provides the application and removal service.
  • The Licensee and IR split the fee 50-50.
  • Apart from a very small monthly administration fee associated with the use of our software and telephone system, there is no ongoing license fee.
  • The licensee is for five (5) years (if exclusive) and can be renewed by both parties at the end of the period.
  • There are limited fixed costs or overheads. A prerequisite is an internet connection.

Our personnel including licensees are the key to our success. Customer relationships, marketing, and sales provide us with a great opportunity to perform our unique services.

What were the challenges that are faced by Internet Removal?

The COVID-19 pandemic had little if no effect. Despite some businesses suffering others thrived, resulting in a continuation of requests for service. In addition to this, the increased use of social media and other online platforms increased the need for our services to be provided globally. Furthermore, our business does not rely upon its personnel traveling to and from office environments, ensuring business continuity.

When it comes to adapting to the evolving customer needs and trends, do you think it is necessary to align one’s business with the latest technological developments? How do Internet Removals cater to this necessity?

Customers can always benefit from businesses employing the latest technological innovations and trends and, while businesses often bear the cost of implementing these new technologies, they improve the customer journey. Our primary focus at Internet Removals, is ensuring the customer journey is as good as it can possibly be, so that customers who are already experiencing stressful events, can manage their matter without unnecessary friction. Furthermore, adopting new technologies can improve our own internal capabilities which in turn, often passes on tremendous cost savings to our customers.

As an established franchise leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs planning to own franchise business?

Ensure that your business is successful as a stand-alone business before considering franchising or licensing. Ensure that you have ironed out all issues prior to replication. Why replicate a problem?

Ensure that a franchisor or licensee will make money from your offer. If they lose money, it will be like being locked into a bad marriage.

Only Franchise or License if you are prepared to provide the highest level of customer service and support to your franchisee or licensee. Remember, it was you who induced them into this deal. It being your brand, you are responsible to ensure their success as if it was one of your family.

How do you envision scaling Internet Removals operations in 2022?

We will continue our licensing program to achieve market saturation. At the same time, we will continue to reinvest in technology, the know-how, and systems to provide all personnel and customers with an enhanced experience.