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Internet of Things – Connecting Motion with Business

The Industry Internet of Things is the network of physical things connected by electronic media, software, sensors, and connectivity to obtain greater value and service by exchanging data with the operator. Each thing is uniquely recognizable through its enclosed computing system but is able to decode within the existing Internet infrastructure.

In short, Internet of Things (I.O.T) is next generation internet technology. Where all things are connected with the computer networks, sensors, software and other electronic devices can be monitored and controlled by a mobile or via any other internet devices. These include many familiar connections like Bluetooth, WI-FI.

As we think about future of these technology lots of questions occurs in our mind like, is it used in any device that we know? Is it useful for anyone? Does it is used by any company? Then let me tell you one of the best-known example used by you in your daily life is “Smart thermostat”, commonly known as Air Conditioning (AC). This allows the user to control room temperature by using other Internet-connected devices like a smartphone. Our insights say, it can greatly improve proficiency of our lives. And, it’s great market demand is attracting investment from governments, manufacturers, and industry users.

At this stage, the easier question might be who isn’t working on an Internet of things product. Multinational companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, Google, and Philips are all working on Internet-connected devices and it’s been a great way to business solutions. And these companies also clarify that there is no risk of personal data loss while practicing this technology.

Internet of things

It is rapidly growing in the market, where everything is connected to everything else. I think, In order to stay ahead of your competitor and to keep your customers satisfied, one must consider using internet of things in their organization and this can direct it towards success. – Shravani Begade