You are currently viewing Intelysis Consultants: A VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

Intelysis Consultants: A VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

Hiring third party to take care of one parameter of company is very popular in big sector companies. However, making sure that the party contributes as a catalyst instead of becoming a burden on the company. Intelysis consultants whereas contributes its services to the IT sector of companies, to make them more reliable and more productive. Providing end-to-end solutions makes Intelysis, an Information Technology Service Provider to look for.
Provider of Cost Effective and Integrated Solutions
Intelysis Consultants is a management and information technology consulting firm that partners with the government and private clients to address some of today’s most complex business problems. Their program management experience, expertise and extensive industry experience allow them to collaboratively work with their clients to plan, develop and deliver innovative and integrated solutions.
Positive business impact and measurable return on investment is their number one objective on every client engagement. They look for ways to develop solutions that will have the largest effect on clients’ business or agency to drive measurable improvements in business performance and cost management.
Veteran in the Business
Bill Pletch, founder of Intelysis Consultants, attended the University of New England and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology and Chemistry and then went on to obtain his Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Leadership. Bill has recently retired from a long and distinguished Military Career as a Senior Field Grade Officer from the US Army.
Bill’s career spanned over three decades service and included Enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officer Field Combat Medic and Medical Laboratory time and then over 20 years as a Commissioned Officer in the distinguished Corps of Engineers Regiment. Bill had served in a distinguished manner in three named combat operations and many national and international humanitarian aid and disaster recovery efforts. His last federal deployments were to support Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Afghanistan as well as the recovery efforts in Iraq in Operation New Dawn. Since returning from these operations he has developed Intelysis Consultants to provide IT services to serve businesses with full spectrum IT services.
Providing high Spectrum of Services
Intelysis is proficient in providing IT services, Application Development, Project Management and IT Federal Contracting.
Their IT services includes Network Management, User Management, Data Management, Management Information Systems, Systems Management, Data center Monitoring and Management, Server Management and Monitoring, Cloud Hosting and Management, Data Backup, Data Security Management, Data Storage Service, Data Recovery / Business Continuity, Information Services Backup, Managed email security and Help Desk/Service Desk.
Future Vista
Their specialist IT knowledge coupled with the unique approach to customer service has earned them an enviable reputation. Having a truly flexible resource model and limited-to-zero overheads results in very cost conscious pricing models.
They have not only the IT Project Services and Management team; they are also working on Net Management, User Management, Data Management, Management Information System, and System Management also.
Intelysis Consultants is a VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran owned company providing transparency of operations. Already tasting the success, but believes that it still has a long way to go. They plan to deliver Business continuity, best in class service, personal and professional caring service while expanding their business on domestic and international level.