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Intelligent Voice: A Distinctive Speech to Text Analysis Solution

Intelligent Voice is a London based leading innovative technology firm which develops enhanced speech to text solutions and secure voice recognition process. Its innovations hold enormous potential for enterprises that can “see” the verbal conversations by converting voice calls, video and other audio into Smart Data.
Intelligent voice has made various breakthroughs in speech to text analysis systems. One such breakthrough is its GPU technology backed by an NVIDIA processor enabling the world’s fastest Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). This innovation has set a new bar for efficiency by dramatically reducing the cost of Speech processing versus its CPU counterparts.
Additionally, Intelligent Voice has recently patented a method of ‘Preserving Privacy of Data in the Cloud’. Intelligent Voice is bringing a new layer of security to the world of business which is increasingly concerned about securing data.
Intelligent Voice services are widely used by Government, legal and financial sectors. It helps clients from banking sectors as well as Government Agencies globally. Apart from its headquarter in London, Intelligent Voice also has offices in New York and San Francisco.
Delivering Best Solutions to Optimize Business Processes
Intelligent Voice offers businesses an opportunity to explore their verbal conversation in the form of accurate and scannable text. It allows businesses to source their data which was previously inaccessible.
Its transcribing technology enables clients to be engaged in their operations in real-time.  Whether a business has received a complaint from a customer, or its interests are being comprised through a disclosure or specific problems related to its newly released software are being discussed; businesses now have access to a goldmine of smart data. Moreover, the technology can be used aggressively to collect data, compile it and gather invaluable insights for a smoother business operation.
Similarly, Businesses can also use this technology to deal with complex and potentially high cost-incurring legal compliance. For example, the recently introduced GDPR legislation requires businesses to delete the data of consumers whenever they ask for it. Using the ability to search on a biometric voice profile, businesses can ensure that they have taken every measure to find and delete customer data instantly.
Additionally, the company also provides a Credibility Analysis service with its unique software service.  Using this, businesses can assess individual behaviour and their credibility in relation to business objectives and interests. This technology can potentially highlight fraudulent Insurance claims, vulnerable investors and even people who simply do not understand what they are being told.
One of the biggest concerns in the corporate world is the increasing risk of possible lawsuits, frauds due to the increasing erosion of loyalty on the part of employees and consumers in a competitive and dynamic world. The technology introduced by Intelligent Voice empowers businesses to safeguard their long-term interests against potential fraudulent practices from various different sources.
The Torchbearer
Founder and CTO of the Company, Nigel Cannings is a Lawyer by profession. Nigel carries over 25 years of experience in both Law and Technology. He is also a regular presenter at various prestigious industry events including NVIDIA’s GTC summit and Jefferies’ AI conference.
Nigel is passionate about the advancement of voice technology and along with the Intelligent Voice’s research team has secured various government grants and funding. Most recently, he received an award through the European Commission to develop interactive conversational artificial intelligence known as the ‘Empathic project’. The interactive “health bot” will be built with the aim to help elderly people live independently within their home.
A Journey of Struggle and Challenges
The Intelligent Voice company was born out of a personal experience, during which Nigel, during his time as a lawyer, experienced the pain of reviewing audio files manually for hours. This was the beginning of the innovation that is Intelligent Voice today. Along with his team and Ben Shellie, the CEO at its helm, Intelligent voice continues to stay ahead of the curve with ground-breaking innovation.
Personal challenges of Nigel,  today have been transformed into a glowing solution for businesses all over the world.  With various features like smart data, security and voice-activated personal assistants, managing audio has become more crucial and an important aspect. Through Intelligent Voice, users can securely keep their audio data with accuracy and cost efficiency.
Disruptive Developing Trends of the Cognitive Computing Industry
There are many brands which are aggressively concentrating on the power of developing cloud services such as Alexa and Google Home, which is ruling the market. Users are not aware of what exactly the system is analysing for their intended purposes. It carries a big query, a concern with data privacy. Users are not aware if their profound personal data is safe or not when it is being passed through cloud providers.
Intelligent Voice predicts there will be a real move towards processing “on the edge”, with intent analysis being done on device. Users will be able to associate directly with the companies in a secure shield without taking cloud-platform as an intermediate.
Future Endeavours
Intelligent Voice is mainly focusing on privacy processing. The company is already offering high-level certainty at speech to text process on local devices like an Android phone. It also offers encrypted data placed in the cloud and calls it “Privacy Preserved Processing”.
The company’s next step is to build advantages of cloud-based services like Dropbox, without giving up on privacy safety. Today, users can either opt for an encryption or they can roam the virtual world among cyber criminals as they please. Thanks to the Intelligent Voice technology, homomorphic encryption is to the rescue along with other technologies like Intel SGX; genuine cloud privacy is just around the corner.
In the near future,, Intelligent Voice also aims to engage its customer approach along the path of innovation, by understanding customer fulfilment. By this, the company believes, it will eventually create a fulfilling vision for the mutual benefit of the company as well as for the customer.
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