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Integral Networks: We Are Your IT Department

The importance of IT services required by business centers cannot be undermined. Every business or company has some information technology needs, influenced by what the company does, the tools used, and the size of the company. Outsourcing I.T services is not only less expensive regarding operational costs and costs associated with training or certifying IT staff, but companies also enjoy round the clock tech services either by phone or through remote computer access from the service provider. Many smaller businesses go with outsourcing their IT support because it is cheaper than employing a full-time IT staff. Still, at the opposite end of the spectrum, several large-scale organizations, with permanent IT units, often strive to focus on the bigger picture of IT strategy as their internal resources are overwhelmed by routine, day-to-day activities. Integral Networks understands the modern IT needs of businesses. Their vast knowledge of IT, coupled with an amazing team of highly qualified individuals provide everyday solutions and best in class services – removing every issue in an organization and adding back the comfort in knowing the most important part of the company is being well maintained and secure.
Meet the Integral Networks Honcho
Bryan Badger, Founder and CEO of Integral Networks was born and raised in the Yuba City/Marysville area. In the late 90s, he relocated to the Folsom area to work for a small retail computer shop called Haldane Computers where he provided onsite support and consulting services to residential and business clients.
Bryan founded Integral Networks in 2005 specifically to provide what they called Hosted Desktops, well before Microsoft coined the phrase “Cloud.” Over the last 12 years Integral Networks has grown in Cloud, Managed and business continuity services while maintaining a focus on their core services, now called Integral Workspace.
Integral Networks: “We are your IT Department”
Integral Networks specializes in a broad range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for businesses of any size. They are committed to providing each and every one of their clients with high-quality service and support. The company combines services in order to provide customized help and support to the clients. Their innovative approach starts with a thorough investigation of what a client’s company needs to succeed, ensuring a perfect fit with client’s company services. Integral offers Managed Services – managing all of IT services, Cloud Services which includes managing Cloud Workspaces and Virtual Servers and Backup and Disaster Recovery.
Integral employs multiple layers of security. Integral works with a service called Threat Stop, a real-time IP reputation list that is integrated into all of their core routers. This block’s known or suspected inbound attacks, and in the event, something internally does get compromised it blocks the call home. Integral also employs multiple layers of antivirus both at the network, hypervisor and server levels. Integral has 2 Form Factor integrated into all of their cloud solutions, as well as they have, employed strict access rules for all engineering staff. All Internal access is audited quarterly, as well as, all client access is logged and flagged for review if it does not originate from a known destination.
Integral’s Front Runner Strategies
Integral’s biggest key strategy vendor is Relationships. They are very tightly intertwined with Citrix, Atlantis Computing, and Dell. Deep vendor relationships allow them to get early access and conversations around new technologies and trends that they are seeing and developing. Integral always has a step ahead of their competitors.
“Our 2nd biggest strategy is our employees,” says Bryan which states that the Integral’s success is attributed to their employees. Along with investing in their continued growth by training, Integral Networks provides them a great environment to come to work daily that they enjoy.
Marvelous Examples of Satisfied and Successful Clienteles
Across the board, Integral’s clients love them and continually praise them for their exceptional service. “We believe in treating our clients the way we’d want to be treated, to provide them with red carpet service and develop relationships with each of them as we would with our friends,” expounds Bryan.
Their clients continually recommend them to others which are the basis of their company’s outstanding growth over the past 11 years. Here’s what a few have to say:
“I appreciate the follow-up call and detailed voice message. Thank you!” – says Mogavero Architects.
“Thank you for the fast, friendly and patient service, as usual,” – says Electronic Scrip Incorporated.
“My experience was great! I am always pleased with the assistance that I get!” – says Lake Wildwood Association.
“My request was expedited very quickly, and I was called with an explanation,” – says
Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group.
Flourishing Future
Integral’s future road map will include further collaboration with its key vendors for its cloud services. Bryan assures that the company will continue to grow and increase their user base on their cloud services. Integral’s goal is to increase staff by 10 times in the next five years.
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