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Inovea: Empowering IT with Innovative Solutions

As a cybersecurity organization on the bleeding edge of online threat protection, Inovea Inc., offers unparalleled security consulting, testing and auditing services. Its mission is to help businesses secure their data, reduce risk, and navigate compliance standards.
With its staff of world-class cybersecurity professionals, Inovea is passionate about providing solutions that are efficient as well as robust. “When we say that our customers are our partners, we really do mean it,” says Sashi Kallamadi, the Founder and CEO of Inovea.
The company takes the success of its customers very seriously. It devotes a great amount of time and resources to understand what success means to each of its customers. Inovea makes it a mission to align itself to the customers’ vision on creating innovative solutions.
This approach has gained widespread appreciation from its clients, who consistently name Inovea as their trusted security advisor.
An Expert in Information Security 
Sashi Kallamadi has many years of experience in the Information Security space. It was based on that experience that he founded Inovea in 2003 with the goal of offering clients end-to-end cybersecurity services.
Mr. Kallamadi has grown the company’s business from the ground-up into the multi-million-dollar business it is today by executing a series of business development initiatives that include numerous U.S. Federal Projects. The company’s range of services includes Advanced Threat Protection, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Compliance Consulting, Identity Management, Threat Intelligence, and Monitoring. It has integrated security capabilities across the technology stack of infrastructure, applications and services to create a comprehensive network of defense.
Mr. Kallamadi is on the constant lookout for underserved niche markets, and develops innovative business solutions to address their needs. He is also an angel investor in several technology startups, and a recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, conferred by the President of the United States, for his service to Education.
Overcoming the Changing Landscape 
Being committed and focused on the success of its customers is in the DNA of Inovea. However, consistently exceeding their expectations over a decade of operations was by no means easy. The biggest challenge was – and continues to be – the ever-changing technological landscape and the constantly evolving needs of the businesses that Inovea serves.
Speaking about the company’s work ethic, Mr. Kallamadi says, We have consistently worked hard to stay ahead of the curve.” 
He adds, “It has been our consistent aim to always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and the new possibilities they offer us and our customers.” Inovea has been a trusted partner for many businesses which have undergone transformations to incorporate new technology within their operations. Over the years, there have been several cycles of change. That change did not wear Inovea out; rather, it energized the company to think more creatively and offer solutions that helped its customers in their journeys.
Proactive Enterprise Cybersecurity 
There has been an ongoing disruption of traditional processes and methodologies, coupled with the reshaping of product development rules due to the unification between devices and technology. Enterprises need security solutions that are innovative and span the entire product lifestyle.
This is where Inovea excels. It has proven itself to be a versatile and effective strategic partner for enterprises with its innovative cybersecurity solutions. With a proven track record of over one and a half decades in cybersecurity, Inovea has helped enterprises transform their development lifecycles and gain an edge over their competition.
Every solution provided by the company is developed by a team of professional experts using trademarked methodologies.
Staying Ahead of the Curve 
The founder and the promoters of Inovea possess vast experience in IT, cybersecurity and also in areas like cyber law, privacy law, intellectual property law and technology law. Its expertise in both the technology and legal domains puts Inovea in an ideal position to provide legal services relating to technology, something which very few companies are able to provide.
In the future, Inovea aims to expand its repertoire to include techno-legal services to technical as well as nontechnical businesses. It also aims to serve the startup ecosystem and looks forward to helping up and coming entrepreneurs who are in need of trusted techno-legal advisors.
Speaking of Inovea’s future, Mr. Kallamadi adds, While we continue to delight our customers in the information technology and security space, Inovea will explore new frontiers in the medium term by venturing into legal process outsourcing. We will leverage our expertise, existing infrastructure, processes and years of experience in technology to offer legal services to our customers in cyber laws.”

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