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Innovation That Let You Ride Your Bike Using Your Smartphone

“Gadgets are glooming back”, this is an in-joke now a days, as this technological industry has reached an inflection point. Smartphones have dominated attention since so long and spawned various other industries that led them feel that’s all there would be. Everyone has a one-track mind, and even though that path has led us into strange and beautiful new vistas. But ultimately, this path has hit the coast, and we’re now visualizing for the next level.

Long ago, we started creating smartphone, which further turned out into various new things that we’re now dawning to figure out. Firstly tablets came, and then came virtual reality headsets, intelligent thermostats, electric skateboards, flying cameras, wrist-mounted computers, etc.

Although the gadgets are complicated, messy and even terrible sometimes, but keeping this apart they are wonderful too. Gadgets are full of potential that can be seen by everyone, but nobody can achieve. That’s why Ultraviolette Automotive (UA) Pvt. Ltd is launching “Twister”, a revolutionary vehicle. This vehicle offers flexibility between manual cycling and motorized biking. Uniquely designed Twister is centered along an oblique axis and was inspired by the Aerodynamic hollow pneumatic bones of a Falcon. The center of the Twister swivels 180 degrees provided for the two modes. It transforms into two modes, one in a bicycle and the other as an electric bike.

Niraj Rajmohan, Narayan Subramaniam, and Preetham Murthy jointly formed Ultraviolette Automotive (UA) Pvt. Ltd. with an objective to help the market of downtown commute with its dual vehicle providing consumers with various modes of riding. Carrying their friendship since childhood, this trio bet on the steady shift towards pollution free vehicles as well as the affordability of their dual vehicles in Europe.

Twister is based on the concept of bicycle-bike dual mode and was awarded with “Excellent Design Award” at the Taipei International Cycle Show 2016. It was also shortlisted among top 10 contenders for the Move Awards 2016, a prestigious European Design Award.

Glide, another path breaking product in this field is a lightweight and compact mobility vehicle. This vehicle uses body pressure for navigating. It enables self-balancing, and takes very less time to get accustomed. It can be used by people of all age groups and sizes. It minimizes the time and effort that goes into the first mile commute.

UA’s vehicles have a high-end interface which means smartphone can be used to connect to the company on a real-time basis and also can access your vehicle too. The company is planning to enter the European market with Twister with an objective to build a niche brand of products for an automotive sector. But why in Europe? Because this continent is the biggest market for niche automobiles and so no compromise on the price. It also has a very advanced transportation network supporting the usage of a niche quality product. The company aims to lower its costs and beef-up its supply chain before entering the Indian market. UA is expecting the “Make in India” concept to be very useful because wherever they decide to sell the product, the manufacturing process will begin with India. The UA team plans to launch “Twister” by the end of 2016.

Charlie Gupta