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Innominds: Delivering Competitive Advantage with Unique Innovation

Innominds is a Silicon Valley-based Product Engineering Services and Solutions company headquartered in San Jose, CA. Innominds offers co-creation services to enterprises for building solutions utilizing digital technologies focused on Devices, Apps, and Analytics. It provides expertise in the field of Cognitive Analytics, Connected Devices & Cloud Apps and assists enterprises in their digital transformation initiatives. Innominds builds better outcomes securely for its clients through reliable advanced technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and Enterprise Mobility among others.
From idea to commercialization, Innominds strives to build convergent solutions that helps its clients grow their business and realize their market vision. Headquartered in San Jose and with more than 1200 employees, Innominds is the partner of choice for its clients in innovation. The company prides itself as a team of progressive thinkers who anticipate market changes to help deliver a competitive edge to its clients.
Adapting to a Smart and Intelligent Future 
Innominds is uniquely positioned in the market to offer accelerated solutions through its services offering combined with its accelerators iFusion, KiteBoard, Harmony, and Enigma. Its advanced analytics solutions platform (iFusion) addresses data challenges by eliminating complexities in collecting data from heterogeneous sources and poly-structured data and combining the disparate sources through virtualization and federation. The platform provides the flexibility to build multiple solutions.
Its intelligent test automation framework (Harmony) is capable of providing insights on defect trends, build failures, test coverage, code changes & impact analysis, history of past defects and end-user interactions. These insights help QA teams to strengthen shift left practices and contribute to generate new test cases, test data and business process scenarios to prevent potential defects.
According to Divakar Tantravahi, CEO and Co-founder of Innominds, smart and intelligent test automation is the future. Innominds has set an internal road-map to build a robust framework to develop a smart test automation framework to address real business challenges.
Ultimately, it is the unified framework that enables endto- end test automation of thick client applications, web applications, mobile applications and any other custom applications without compromising on the quality testing. The unified intelligent platform, seamlessly and flawlessly, integrates with a wide variety of upstream and downstream SDLC tool suites.
A Complete Engineering and Testing Solution 
The shift to Digital Transformation enables enterprises to create new applications and solutions that are based on the market demand. However, the biggest challenge in the industry is to satisfy the demands of customers and partners who want applications to be secure and reliable, and to be made available instantly without compromising on the quality.
Additionally, today, enterprises are facing challenges in getting skilled resources, adopting advanced QA methodologies such as Agile and DevOps continuous testing practices, building the right strategy to validate integration checkpoints, functional tests, automation, compatibility of systems and validation of end-to-end business scenarios.
Innominds has devised a clear strategy and adapted to these challenges to be successful in the industry. “Being an innovative company, we always focus on delivering a holistic solution to meet the unique demands of the industry. We have built IP (Harmony™), which helps accelerate all the events in Software Test Life Cycle, Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE) to support functional and nonfunctional testing,” Divakar said.
Additionally, Innominds has placed quality testing functionalities across diverse domains backed by a large pool of career testers with strong technical skills, flexible engagement models and jump-start kits to kickstart different types of engagements.
Innominds innovative test automation platform, Harmony™, and swift adoption of latest technology trends keep it ahead of its competitors. In addition, its broad range of testing services, creative commercial and engagement models and unique approaches to solving business problems give it the muchvalued competitive advantage.
Driving Innovation with a Handson Approach 
Today, organizations are under more pressure than ever before to innovate, actively strive for new ideas, continuous improvement, market disruption and to achieve these goals at a lightning speed. Driving innovation isn’t a luxury anymore. In fact, it has become a necessity for an organization if it aspires to survive in today’s environment of complexity and competition.
Innominds believes that it is their prerogative to bring new products and solutions to the market, which has a business value and drive differentiation. Divakar, with his vision for innovation and belief in the concept of disruptive technology, brings on the table focus on product engineering, sets goals for global strategy and contributes in building a sustainable business over the long run.
With innovation at the core of Innominds’ business, he has grown Innominds into a trusted global innovation partner with numerous business customers and major brands including Deloitte, CA Technologies, Qualcomm, Trimble and Hortonworks and innovating startups like Workspot, Viridis, and Jemstep among others. To drive innovation and quality, Innominds Quality Engineering specialists have built Harmony, a robust testing platform, to solve the testing problems faced by Enterprises and shape their digital future. Harmony offers an array of testing types across a wide range of industries, digital technologies and applications.
An Effective Approach to Customer Success 
Innominds is a customer-centric organization that has made significant investments into building software accelerators that add value to its clients. Over the years, it has been able to foresee and made strategic investments in accelerators and partnership to innovate in Devices, Apps, and Analytics for the digital era.
It helps its clients in reinventing products, experiences and business models to create new value, differentiation and revenue in the digital ecosystem. Innominds delights its customers by building innovative experiences and products & developing go-to-market approach with the help of disruptive new business models. It has multiple accelerators in areas such as AI and Machine Learning based predictive and prescriptive analytics framework, pre-built User Interface components, Micro-services based architectural components, Identity & Access Management, Mobile Device Management, low-cost computing devices with connectivity, Test Automation Framework, Asset Management and Tracking, etc.
Innominds’ customer orientation isn’t all about customer satisfaction, but it believes in succeeding together. Carrying the baton of success together with its clients, Innominds help them in evolving their platforms, applications and infrastructure to match up to the modern and efficient digital enterprise. The organization not only prepares its clients to adapt to highspeed change, but also assists them in safeguarding the integrity of their core IT and be highly competitive in the new digital economy.
Currently, Innominds operates multiple Innovation and Delivery Centers in Asia (India), North America and Europe. Innominds delivery centers are located strategically for delivering services to its clients. The advantage that Innominds has over its competitors is that its services are not necessarily distributed according to the geolocations. It undertakes projects across its service offerings from any of its global locations thereby giving flexibility to the client.
A Great Place to Work 
Innominds was established with guiding principles of focusing on customer needs and their success and providing a platform of freedom and growth for employees. The maturity of test automation approaches quickly but the methodologies are still low, and the value generation is unchanged. To overcome these challenges, testing teams need to focus on the adoption of new technologies and methodologies such as DevOps, Continuous Testing, Smart QA, Intelligent and Smart Test Automation practices.
Innominds is putting its best foot forward to change the ground realities for testers by creating a great team and a great place to work. It has won the following accolades for its various employee-friendly initiatives in recent times.

  • Ranked 32 by Times Ascent as ‘Dream Companies to Work For’ – 2017
  • Recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in IT & ITeS in India’ – 2016
  • Recognized as India’s Top 50 Best IT-BPM Companies to Work For’ – 2015

Currently, majority of organizations are in the process of making their applications digital. These initiatives bring lot of complexity while transforming themselves to the digital mode. To address these complexities, testing professionals need to think of best possible technological solutions to address and deliver new features without compromising on quality.
Divakar believes that Innominds has a bright future ahead. “With our deep expertise in the testing industry, strong domain knowledge and by leveraging our advanced analytics and automation platforms (iFusion and Harmony), we help enterprises to address challenges in the field of growth, sustainability, cost and adoption of rapidly changing technology trends,” he said.
Innominds provides end-to-end testing solutions in Digital Transformation, which makes difference in the success of client organization. It addresses business challenges and industry problems through continuous innovation and deep industry knowledge. 
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