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Ink Link Marketing: A Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Ink Link Marketing is a full-service marketing and PR agency that specializes in the hospitality and franchising space. The company provides traditional services paired with a broad network of specialists across the country, which enable them to be a one-stop shop for clients. The company makes services scalable based on clients’ needs and budgets.
Today, brands are seeking agency partners who can scale up or down quickly. Furthermore, smaller and midsize brands are returning more to one-stop agency support. Ink Link delivers on both counts, offering top-tier service with a reduced overhead for clients.
Designer of Ink Link Marketing
Kim Miller is the Founder and President of Ink Link Marketing. Miller has more than 30 years of experience, primarily on the client side, and used it to her advantage on the agency side. She’s able to put herself in clients’ shoes and leads with “why” before embarking on the what. Miller is hands-on with clients and leads by example for her team with her out-of-the-box thinking, hard work, staying current on trends and industry news, as well as her drive for developing ways to support current clients and finding new ones. It’s the “what more can we do” mentality that has helped her and her team not only be an agency partner, but also feel like part of clients’ internal teams.
Successfully Creating Global Footsteps
The Ink Link team embraces the challenge of delivering big ideas with small budgets. Big budgets are fun (and can make life easier), but with limited funds, there’s a sense of scrappiness that has to be triggered and Ink Link is able to come through for clients.
The company, like many, started with humble beginnings. Miller kick-started everything on her own and by the end of Year One, had a handful of part-time support. The company was already making a name for itself with a New Agency Of the Year award under its belt and building its client roster. Although many companies use the first year, and sometimes into the second year, as a learning period, Miller disregarded the learning curve and jumped in head first. Since its inception in 2012, Ink Link has now grown to nearly 15 core team members and a broad network of support professionals spanning around the globe.
Exclusive Operational Strategies
“With today’s technology and people becoming less connected, Ink Link has held steadfast to the fact that we’re working with humans and when we take the time to build a solid relationship with them that we can all be successful together, as a team. We take the time to develop the client relations and know that during successful or hard times, we should remain flexible and able to shift and change as needed.
As much as we enjoy the fun-loving projects, we also brave the problematic situations (crisis communication is one of our specialties) head on and guide our clients through the rough times. It’s about being with clients through the good and the bad,” says Kim about their work culture.
Benefits for Ink Link Clients
Team Ink Link sees the potential in clients and helps them achieve, as well as sometimes surpass it. The team understands that clients can be more than a restaurant or more than a tech company or more than a charitable organization. They can be more and do more for their businesses, for their customers, for their communities and for themselves as individual team members. It’s a matter of encouraging clients to cross into new zones or areas of opportunities as part of growth. Sometimes there’s success and sometimes not, but opening their eyes to what’s available is what matters.
Team Ink Link also understand at the end of the day that there’s a bottom line to meet and part of their mission is to help clients reach that marker to the best of their abilities. Ink Link strategies focus on getting the most eyeballs on a brand and the most bodies into a place of business while creating a noise that helps them stand apart from others in their industry.
Incorporating Advanced Technologies for Better Outcomes
New technologies are exciting and provide added platforms for clients to engage with their customers and for Ink Link teams to engage with the media and the public. Team Ink Link welcome new technologies. The challenge is staying current and properly using these new tools; discerning what’s going to last and reach a large audience versus what’s here today and gone tomorrow.
Positioned for the Future
Ink Link is serving more and more as an outsourced marketing solution for their clients so expect them to grow in that space. And blogging and influencing marketer is also playing a bigger role in the firm.
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