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Jeffrey Wilhelm | Founder & CEO | Infused Innovations

Infused Innovations: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Passionate and committed to delivering precise, innovative solutions, Jeffrey Wilhelm founded Infused Innovations Inc to operate at the intersection of technology, business data, and human interaction. As the CEO, Jefferey instills the ideologies to leverage the latest collaboration technologies, allowing the company to work instantaneously with the best and brightest worldwide.

Infused Innovations is a forward-looking advisory services company. Its mission is to empower clients to reach their fullest potential constantly. The Infused Innovations’ team is always on top of the latest technologies, maintaining a deep knowledge of what their clients want to achieve and which tools will make it happen. Much of this takes place through digital transformation by adapting emerging cloud technologies and guidance with new business concepts and strategies.

Fast-forwarding YOUR Ability

While Infused Innovations is headquartered in Boston, MA, its employees come to work remotely from all over the United States. Its clients range widely in location as well as industry—the team has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and government, educational and non-profit organizations.

Infused Innovations brings top-rate advisory services to organizations looking to evolve and thrive with expertise in technology, security, data, work processes, marketing, etc. It provides managed cloud security services, handling clients’ security postures and keeping them up to date with the tools and solutions that best meet their needs. Its Secure Intelligent Workplace™ offering provides clients with a comprehensive framework for successful modern work: it covers leading-edge security, workplace productivity & collaboration, data & analytics, automation, and more.

Imprinting Footprints

What sets Infused Innovations apart is its pairing of industry expertise with a genuine human connection. When Jeffrey Wilhelm began his work in technology, he noticed that interactions between providers, clients, and partners were too often transactional in nature. He wanted a more authentic experience, and he knew that clients wanted this too. So, it became a core value at Infused Innovations to develop real, ongoing relationships with clients. This mutually beneficial vision has led to impressive business growth and customer satisfaction. The company has received several recognitions, including #16 in Channel Futures’ MSP 501, Enterprise World’s Top-Most Trusted Security Automation Solutions Companies and Top 50 Best Workplaces in Silicon Review.

Across industries, workplaces are seeing significant changes and advancements. The world of work is becoming more connected, more flexible, and more digital. The advisory services that Infused Innovations offers are so valuable to organizations in every field. They help companies transition to hybrid or remote work, streamline their operational processes, or grow into new and better ways of working. Jeffery expresses, “The past couple of years, in particular, have demanded that businesses face these challenges, and those who have done so with Infused Innovations have seen great success.”

The Best of the Best

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and attackers find new vulnerabilities to target, so equipping organizations with the best security solutions is crucial. Infused Innovations takes a zero-trust security approach, bringing the most robust protection to clients’ work environments. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Infused Innovations works closely with the best tools available in security and technology. Its team is among the first to know about new developments and offerings.

This security is the foundation that protects work environments and saves companies time and money by stopping threats before they can harm. But there is so much more that can also help organizations thrive, and Infused Innovations’ team wants to take the entire journey with their clients. This may improve workflows, understand business analytics and marketing strategies, enhance employee well-being, or find new ways to take flight in today’s changing atmosphere.

Guiding the Next Generation

Jeffrey Wilhelm and his team also see responsibility as a fundamental part of their work at Infused Innovations. This has various facets: technological responsibility, such as data privacy and AI ethics; social responsibility, inclusivity, respect for all people; environmental sustainability, and a commitment to helping leverage emerging capabilities toward that aim. As technology drives human life forward, those who work within it carry these responsibilities to better the world and create the best circumstances for the next generation to thrive.

One aspect of social engagement that Wilhelm particularly enjoys is mentoring youth and emerging talents. He has been a Year Up mentor since 2015, he serves as a board member and advisor to several startups, and he regularly judges for local business competitions. Infused Innovations also takes on interns of various ages—for example, a Connecticut high school student worked under their mentorship to design a machine learning model that could beat a video game on its own.

Over the Horizon

Alongside all of these values and engagements, the central passion of the company is innovation. The team is always looking ahead, exploring new avenues, and pushing the boundaries. One of the significant changes coming to technology, and every sector, is the development of the metaverse and digital twins—digital replicas of physical structures to enhance work and education. These hybrid physical-virtual technologies will revolutionize the way we learn and operate. They can increase efficiency and reduce fossil fuel use while bringing new possibilities for research, production lines, and more. The forward-leaning mindset of Infused Innovations, along with passion and expertise, makes it an ideal company to responsibly lead the way in such a big transformation as this.

Highlighting its leadership in new technologies, the company has recently launched its own Innovation Services in addition to its Advisory Services. The new Innovation Services are grouped into three main categories: 1) guidance with adoption, change management, and governance of organizational innovation; 2) delivery of a best-of-breed innovation platform for managing the innovation lifecycle process; and 3) advisory services dedicated specifically to pairing emerging technologies with best business practices in order to fuel innovation.

Jeffrey Wilhelm and his team at Infused Innovations are excited and driven to see what the next few years and beyond will bring. With the right people, the right tools, and the right outlook, both this company and its clients will grow into endless possibilities.