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infoTrust Singapore: Offering Solutions That You Can Trust

Starting off with a small project of developing a website for Pinnacle Executive Search, and giving their 100% efforts, in the beginning, landed up infotrust Singapore today on the heights of success. Hardcore believer in maintaining a healthy business relationship with clients, infoTrust has worked for several prestigious clients, including ST Electronics, Mindef Singapore, Trend Micro, National Highways Authority of India, Asian Tigers, Clearpack, Robatech, Horizon Terminal, Pearl Energy, Transnational Group etc.
Established in 2006 as an IT consultancy service firm, infoTrust provides simple solutions for complex IT problems, from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Large Enterprises the world over. Since its inception, infoTrust has rapidly expanded and today through its local business service arms cater to the markets of Singapore, UAE, and India.
Backed by a large in-house team of project managers, IT system engineers, IT developers and programmers, infoTrust is changing the way businesses market interact with their customers, one business at a time.
Diverse Products, Services and Solutions Offered by infoTrust
A member of the Microsoft Partner Network, infoTrust offers customized IT and Cloud solutions hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure, targeted at the niche operational requirements of the health, infoscation and e-Government sectors. Recognizing the need for every business to benefit from IT, infoTrust also provide quality IT consultancy and customized IT solutions to SMEs seeking enterprise-grade IT solutions to increase efficiency and productivity levels while saving on time and costs as they expand their business.
As every customer has unique requirements, infoTrust Singapore came up with its Web-Based Rapid Application development platform, teamWork for the development of web-based solutions. Solutions developed on teamWork framework could connect key stakeholders (management, employees, customers, vendors) of the business which enhances transparency, set up organized process, uniform communication and provide integrated business intelligence.
infoTrust also offers Products like, teamWork Frame Work – to build a web-based rapid application, teamWork CRM (Customer Relationship Management), teamWork EMS (Education Management Solution), and teamWork HCS (Health Care Solution).
Innovative 4DiC Approach of infoTrust
infoTrust has an innovative 4DiC approach project management and delivery, which enables them to truly understand clients’ business and design effective IT solutions that drive productivity and automation, leaving clients business operating seamlessly. infoTrust, provide a holistic suite of services that ensures clients organizational needs are met through quality targeted IT solutions designed to work with their business.
DISCOVER; first step is to understand client’s business processes and SOPs and analyse current workflows of their operation to help them to identify and document potential bottlenecks, redundancies, and duplication of tasks. After asking questions helping clients set priorities, infoTrust design an optimum workflow that their IT solutions will help automate. Working within clients agreed budget, infoTrust refine and tighten clients overall business processes while staying on top of costs.
DESIGN; after understanding the requirements, infoTrust establishes a work plan and chart out important timelines and milestones for the project, appointing a project manager on site throughout to ensure not only those milestones are met on schedule but that quality is not compromised. infoTrust’s development team begins to design processes that will help plug the gaps that are unique to the client’s system yet integrate with their existing IT infrastructure.
DEVELOP; using the latest coding techniques and cloud innovations in partnership with Microsoft, infoTrust’s team develop and code a fully functional, customized and integrated IT solution that meets the agreed requirements. infoTrust test-bed the system thoroughly to ensure it meets its functionalities before moving onto the deployment phase.
DEPLOY; infoTrust conducts a soft launch of client’s systems for the initial month. During this phase, users will be trained and will have the opportunity to try the system and raise any problematic issues that they encounter. infoTrust rectify these issues and ensure that the system is highly optimized before launching it in a fully live environment. The clients will also receive login credentials and user guides so that you can easily configure and maintain the system without the need of an IT professional.
INFOTRUST CARE; even after the system is fully adopted by client’s users, they can be assured of continual IT support in the form of infoTrust Care to help keep their system performing at its optimum at all times. In the event of any downtime, infoTrust will work to restore full functionality in accordance with their Service Level Agreement to ensure minimum disruption to the client’s business.
Gyanendra Kumar, Brain behind infoTrust
infoTrust Singapore is the brain child of Gyanendra Kumar, who belongs to a middle class family of Allahabad in India. It was after graduating from the University of Allahabad in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Gyanendra began his career as a Software Engineer. It’s been since his graduation days, he had a yearning for having his own venture. But lack of funds proved to be a big obstacle in his way. It was only after working for almost 15 years in leading national and multinational companies in India, USA and Singapore, he formed infoTrust Singapore Pte Ltd. in 2006.
Today, infoTrust has entered markets of India, UAE and Hungary. In India, he has set up a company named teamWork info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. teamWork complements the Singapore company through technology developments and sales businesses in Allahabad, Chennai and New Delhi. Also, in UAE and Hungary. They have tied up with the firms for the sale of infoTrust products.
Gyanendra elaborates, “While working for any client, my main motive has always been to gain the trust of the client. I believe that if client trusts me then there will always be a healthy business relationship between us. Trust is the core value of infoTrust and every infotrustian works towards achieving this.”