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Jayson H. So | President & CEO | Inewvation International

Inewvation International: Re ‘Innovating’ the Digital World

With the goal to lead cities to digital innovations, while carrying the core value “quality is everything”. Inewvation International came into existence. Established in Manila, Philippines in 2011, with offices in major Asian countries including, Singapore and Hong Kong, the company provides not just products, but bespoke solutions to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.
Till date, understanding the client’s needs and delivering them the best solution has been the organization’s topmost priority.
Since its inception in 2011, the organization has taken very important part in mounting some of the most innovative and technologically advanced LED displays in the country. During the last eight years, Inewvation has completed many notable projects including the first curved LED display, the first moving LED display, the biggest LED display, the first seamless LED display, highest definition LED screen, the first perimeter LED display, etc.
For Inewvation International, having a factory that has a complete production line from Research and Development to testing lines is a sure score. Producing 10,000 sqm of LED Displays per month, or more than 120,000 sqm a year, is one of its developments that help the company through expanding its market.
Game Changing Products 
Inewvation International provides up-to-the-minute digital technology solutions, advanced and innovative products branded as “Inewvation”, and quality customer experience, from design, production, delivery, installation, to after-sales. Inewvation digital displays are categorized in 2 categories; LED Display, and Digital Signage.
Both are highly customizable in dimension, resolution, brightness level, IP level, LED chip brand, and many other considerations. These tools also cater to Retail, Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Resorts, Transportation, Corporate, Out-Of-Home Advertising, Education, Events and Exhibition, etc.
The Pioneer 
Jayson H. So, is the President and CEO of Inewvation International. He had built the organization 8 years ago, in a small office space under a stairwell. The organization was born out of Jayson’s curiosity – a drive to know more about light-emitting diodes and how it can be used by companies and brands to convey their message. This curiosity quickly grew into a firm with a passionate vision to provide up-to-the minute advertising and digital display solutions.
“We are extremely proud of the success the company has achieved so far. Locally, we’ve grown to become one of the most reputable names in the LED digital display solutions sphere.”- said Jayson. “Expanding our business abroad, we want to show the world that a Filipino company can compete and thrive in the international stage in this industry.” – further he added.
During the initial days of the organization, Jayson alongside only one employee practically did everything only to jumpstart the business. Since then, the organization has completed a long journey and now it employs more than 100 employees, mostly in the technical and engineering departments.
When Everyone is Up for Challenges 
Inewvation grows now to more than 100 employees, with inhouse licensed engineers and technical support team. The company has a diverse, yet harmonious working culture wherein people are encouraged to contribute their skills, share their ideas, and are given unique opportunities to learn new knowledge and improve abilities.
Being humble with passion and commitment, all employees are up to challenge, driving the company to go up to greater heights.
Moreover, Inewvation has a Business and Development team, Product Development, own Marketing team, Technical and Engineering, Operations and Logistics, Accounting and Finance, and of course, Sales, to complete a well-managed organization.
Flashback from last year, the company was humbled by small to huge opportunities that came its way. According to the organization, market expansion is a continuous accomplishment as Inewvation tacked the map of Asia, and established its Hong Kong and Cebu offices, while fortifying HQ (Manila) and Singapore bases. All these happened while simultaneously working with international brands like Shilla Duty Free, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Royal Sporting House, Citibank, FWD Life, Football Republic, Dufry, RE&S, Okada Manila, Globe Telecom, Solaire Resort & Casino, Adidas, Bench, Nike and many more- for the company each was a great learning experience.
As an organization, Inewvation accomplishes highly customized projects that often times, its competitors are even recommending Inewvation to the clients, as because they are just doing the standard stuff.
Also, there are a lot of digital display suppliers in the Asia- Pacific region. However, what made Inewvation unique and a leading provider is having this 6-set of services: its in-house licensed engineers do the designing, its factory that works round the clock when it comes to product customization, Inewvation also has a fast delivery, its efficient installation, content creation and management, and top notch after-sales service. The goal of the organization is to omit Inewvation’s clients’ headache during planning, purchase, and maintaining the digital displays they acquired.
To add, it has really taken the brand— Inewvation, to another level as it received recognition last December 2017 at International Innovation Awards, for Inewvation Brix Series, under Product Category, held at Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai, China.
Adding Value to the Product 
Inewvation believes, a product is just a product, but what matters is how an organization is adding value to the product. This is where Inewvation comes into play; the organization always put “an experience” to the product it offers. Since the company is into digital display solutions, it creates interactive software solutions to be integrated with its digital screens. That’s how the future of digital display will be.
As an organization, Inewvation always make sure that its products and solutions are always up-to-date and state-of-art, accompanied by proper customer experience.
Inewvation International’s LED displays are equipped with Photoelectric Lighting Control System or often referred to as ‘Smart Lighting’, which detects the current ambient light level which measures how bright and dark the external light is. This technology allows Inewvation International’s LED Screens to reduce its brightness when it’s dark and adjust itself automatically when needed. Through this, Inewvation International’s LED displays don’t only conserve energy and burning hours, but can also reduce eye strain without compromising quality. This technology also helps the onlookers to enjoy the spectacle of advertisements and information played on the LED screens.
When Marketing is Key 
As an organization, Inewvation is quite aggressive in terms of marketing to let the world know what it can do, and who they can look for in terms of Digital Display Solution needs. With the type of industry where Inewvation operates, it just can’t do it quietly. The market is broad, and Inewvation has to go out and spread its capabilities and skills, through proper marketing. The company has been featured in various magazines and newspapers, and it is participating in various events across Asia Pacific (Retail Technology and Innovation Summit, Retail Asia Expo, Hospitality Summit, Airport Expansion Summit, Signs and Media Expo, Stores Asia Expo, Digital Technology Expo, BCI Asia events, etc).
Inewvation is not just marketing its products and solutions, but also educating every client about these tools. The company also publishes its blogs, product features, infomercials, and social media posts via its website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
Lastly, Inewvation does marketing to create the company’s branding for decades of business, not just for a year.
When Conquering the Globe is a Dream 
With the line of business Inewvation is into, it really has to be strong in Research & Development and Engineering. Hence, the management never stopped sending the team for technical trainings and seminars to enhance their skills and acquire more knowledge, which eventually share the benefits to the clients around the world.
Market expansion is also one. Today, Inewvation is catering to APAC, and conquering the globe is always its dream. The organization is communicating to Inewvation Channels, who are helping it to spread innovation— the Inewvation way.
Client’s Testimonials
“It’s really about the very superb service that you guys are providing. I know some of the people who work in the same area, same field as I am and then they are covering the Hong Kong maybe the Asia Pacific. You can rest assure to leave all your digital work and installation to Inewvation they will coordinate with you with the best work. We understand because this might not be as easy. Because once we step in Hong Kong or maybe the Asia area, we finally able to find a company that we can for sure deliver with the highest quality.” – Simon Chan, Design & Construction, Shilla Duty Free
“We are glad to have met such a dedicated, hardworking and cooperative digital display provider. For this kind of product, it is very essential that you are good in terms of after-sales service support and communication skills. Rest assured that you will always be remembered on our next digital display requirements. Keep it up and more power!” – Virendra Savani, Division Project Manager – Asia, The Nuance Group (a DUFRY company)
“It has been a good business relationship since 2013. Thank you for rendering us with quality products and excellent after-sales service. I personally commend your good company values that will surely bring you to different places. I wish you success in the years to come!” – April Koh, Managing Director, TPM Outdoor Productions Pte. Ltd.
“Inewvation International provides a bespoke solutions for its customers, your competitors are just selling products, you are selling a solution. Brilliant service, second to none, than what I have seen in the industry around the region.”- Terry Waterhouse, Director, Waterhouse Wade.
“We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of products and service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come”. – Jude Ong, General Manager, Bench / Suyen Corporation
“Quality and partnership. I am very pleased with the quality of the products; and they are very open in terms of sharing of technology and concepts, which is of interest to companies such as SMSGT.” – Anthony Angeles, President & CEO, SMS Global Technologies
“I believe that Inewvation met our expectations with making sure, not only with the product quality, but at the same time- delivery is on schedule and quality components have been used.” – Lorenzo Manalang, VP Brand & Marketing, Solaire Resort & Casino