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INDI Design: An International Brand, Design & Innovation Consultancy

With a strong background in Design, User-centered design, Research, Brand creation and Brand management, INDI founded as an International Brand, Design & Innovation consultancy, with partner offices in Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Hanoi and Riyadh, INDI has become increasingly involved in Management consulting, Organizational design, Design of products, Services, Environments and Digital Experiences. INDI provides a wide spectrum of services including Business analysis, Business strategy, User research, Information architecture, Media strategy, Graphic design, Data visualization, Early stage conceptualization, Interactive prototyping, Implementation and mentoring.
INDI helps create, manage and communicate brands such as Brand Identity Design & Brand Consulting, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Verbal branding, Nomenclature, Visual language, Brand Architecture, Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Product design, Environments design (Exhibitions, Retail, Displays), Digital Experience Design (Websites, Apps, Interactive), Service Design, Corporate Communication Design (Brochures, Annual Reports), Innovation Workshops.
Sudhir Sharma, Founder & Creative Chairman of INDI Design is working with owners and CEO’s and trotting to parts of Europe and Asia. Sudhir is a Traveler, Strategist, Photographer, Speaker and Publisher. He has used his expertise in Design and experience in Business processes to lead assignments that shape the future of the Industry. He is especially passionate about creating instinctual business processes based on user perceptions and behaviors.
A reputed pioneering Design and Business transformation consultant, Sudhir has over 26 years’ experience, working in India, traveling extensively in Asia region and lecturing and speaking at various universities. He attends the various designs, innovation and management Council Boards and Institutions.
‘Design Thinking’ to ‘Design Doing’ …Inspiration to Implementation.
INDI develops tangible solutions while aligning strategies to the consumer insights. They bring the strategies to life through design.
INDI’s solutions carried out thorough market analysis to find potent opportunities for their clients & help them exploit those opportunities in a way that leads them to create & sustain empowered Brands.
INDI bring about holistic transformations in the way businesses function are portrayed & perceived. They strongly believe in activating businesses to become brands that keep evolving their image, which help them bring about a paradigm shift in the attitude of the existing & the prospective customers towards the business.
Throughout their work, they use established design strategies and advanced visualization tools to engage customers and build brands.
“Big thinking is a part of our process and an intrinsic nature of our team. Designers strive to make an emotional connection with users by eliciting desire and delight with the interfaces we design. They work outperforms expectations on business growth for our customers,” says Sudhir.
INDI’s Work Culture
INDI believe in cultural diversity, freedom of experimentation and growth for all. They work in a non-stress environment, and take special care to make their work, their pleasure. Most of them are here, because they like working together and solving problems. They find time to help each other, and help each other in learning more, and living better. Their main focus on finding solutions that work for their client long term.
Their work stands toughest standards that can be set. They believe in creating and enjoying the process of reaching solutions. Their work is a team effort & their singular focus is their clients benefit.