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Incentive Solutions: Advocating Complete Incentive Programs

Top line growth is every business’s primary driver. To ensure annual increases in sales and revenue, businesses require laser-sharp focus from leadership teams, department heads and employees. For those companies that sell through a distribution network (B2B), an even sharper focus must be placed on the channel partners that push their products. This is where incentives come in. Incentive Solutions is the company which believes that incentives should be incorporated into all B2B marketing plans, as incentives are often the biggest differentiator between a B2B company’s products and their competition’s.
With a mission to provide the tools and guidance that empower sales and marketing leaders to drive the behaviors that fuel their business, Incentive Solutions efficiently designs, implements and supports points-based online rewards programs, debit and gift card reward programs, and group incentive travel programs. The company’s key focus is on the B2B sales channel, helping clients drive sales and engagement through their channel partners and distributors.
Their commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them the Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® award five years in a row, as well as Incentive Magazine’s Motivation Master Award for the Ductless Rewards channel sales program they implemented together with client Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.
Incentive Solutions Specializes in Channel Loyalty and Sales Programs
Incentive Solutions is the answer to those who need a complete incentive program solution, specializing in channel loyalty and sales programs for B2B markets. They provide extraordinary services to a variety of industry ranging from manufacturing to finance. Incentive Solutions faces challenges like every company, but in their case, the way they overcome their hurdles is an amazing thing to observe. Working in B2B industries means that enterprises are business savvy and not interested in marketing fluff, rather they are looking for powerful incentive technology and service to keep them ahead of their competitors.
Incentive Solutions provides not just a rewards mechanism, but a complete sales and marketing tool that adds true value to businesses and that’s what makes them unique. They commit to collaborating with clients in developing unique incentive solutions and strategies. Incentive Solution is itself a modular platform on a CSS interface with constant updates and new features, which allows them to flexibly configure the platform according to clients’ specific needs. They provide all clients a dedicated account manager, a free communication package, 24X7 access to reporting and analytics through the company’s administrative portals and in-house customer service. Incentive Solutions incentive programs have helped their clients to achieve ROI, business goals and drive sales.
About the pillar of Incentive Solutions
Steve Damerow, Founder and CEO, has led Incentive Solutions for more than three decades since its inception in 1994. Steve received Master’s degree in Business Administration from The American Graduate School of Management with specialization in International Marketing. He also received a BS degree from Berry and an Economics Master’s degree from The University of Freiburg. Steve’s extensive experience in the incentive industry is marked by numerous award-winning incentive programs and a reputation for formulating innovative, industry-changing ideas.   
Incentive Solutions Stands Unparalleled in the Industry
Incentive Solutions’ technology, value-added services and expertise make them uniquely prepared to compete with any company in their industry. They are proud to have earned recognition such as the Incentive Magazine’s Motivation Master Award, for the channel sales program they helped Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating implement. Beyond their awards and accreditations, Incentive Solutions has expanded their IT budget in the last three years to continue improving their technology and create new products. Their all-inclusive pricing and versatile technology give clients the tools and strategies they need to run successful incentive programs.
“Stagnant” isn’t a word in Incentive Solutions’ dictionary. They are always developing new strategies to engage clients from all generations in the workplace, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. With the goal of changing the way B2B industries work, they are primarily focused on improving manufacturer clients’ interactions with their dealers, distributors and end-users.
What’ next for Incentive Solutions? They aim to be the first to offer a coherent Spanish-language incentive platform. They strive to think outside the box and serve the clients in the best possible way.

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