You are currently viewing Impact Business Technology: Strategic IT Partner for Today’s Business & Tomorrow’s Achievements

Impact Business Technology: Strategic IT Partner for Today’s Business & Tomorrow’s Achievements

The companies possess growing expectations to create business value with limited resources. Increasingly, IT organizations are looking to trusted IT services providers to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation. Impact Business Technology is the perfect partner to small and medium businesses demanding access to technology innovation. Their technology solutions help to shrink technology costs and put their client’s companies in a position to prosper.

Impact BT at a Glance

Impact Business Technology is a Systems Integrator and Managed Services Provider, offering fully Managed IT services to the small and medium business market. The company is a Certified Microsoft Partner, Dell Gold Partner, and partners with many other best of breed technologies which dictate their trustworthiness.

The company was founded in 2001, by Neil Holme, a specialist at resolving technology challenges. After working for several years in the industry, he recognized an exigency for small businesses that could benefit from the same enterprise-level systems and services delivered to larger customers. Using a combination of automation and leveraging emerging technologies from Microsoft and other industry giants, he was able to provide secure, reliable and functional IT systems to companies either large or small. Neil started out as an electrical engineer traveling across the globe to implement small-scale power generation in developing countries throughout Africa and Asia. Finding solutions to problems where there were few resources helped Neil develop problem-solving skills that are profitable for his customers today.

Comprehensive Services with a Focused Approach

The Impact BT is dedicated to helping business leverage today’s technology, tools and proven practices to streamline processes, and maximize profits. The company’s wide breadth of services includes Outsourced IT Services, encompassing complete maintenance and monitoring of network infrastructure. Help Desk Support, solving customer problems in efficient, effective and cost-conscious manner. It includes On-site support, Remote support, and 24-hour call-out. Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, providing unparalleled security against disasters with a complete plan for data backup, computer hard drive backup and hardware and system recovery for business. Cloud Computing Services, custom tailor solutions to company’s Cloud IT needs. Networking Services, helping businesses to design cost-effective network infrastructure and securing the clients’ networks against network vulnerabilities.

Success with Divergent approach

Neil has built Impact BT on a single promise, “an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in customer service.”  This is evidenced by the fact that Impact BT has not invested in marketing and has no sales staff. The entire success and growth (average 22% year on year for the last decade) of Impact BT is achieved through referrals from existing customers or vendor relationships.

Impact BT Leading to Excellence

When the company started in 2001, Neil had a 10-year plan to grow their business, make it an attractive target for acquisition and then move on to other ventures. After the completion of 15 years into the business, company is still marching on to reach new heights. After emerging from the recession, Impact BT has accelerated their growth due to the model of growth through referral. As their customer base grows, so does the rate at which they are introduced to new customers.
On current scenario of IT service industry, Neil says, “The long-term plans have changed. The managed services industry remains a fast-moving place where innovation can create enormous opportunity. Moving on to new ventures is an almost daily occurrence while remaining a front-runner in the IT services space.”