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Ruairi Kelleher | CEO | Immedis

Immedis: Breaking the Mould in Global Payroll

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Immedis provides multi-country payroll and employment tax solutions for organisations with overseas staff – whether local or expatriate. The company delivers a high-level overview into the global payroll process to their clients and insights into how much they are paying out each month to employees through their cloud based platform, iConnect.
Immedis’ business is built around three core pillars, Client service, Technology innovation, and Compliance. Client service is the company’s top priority. It considers every client to be unique and knows that reliable support is essential to keep the payroll process on track. Immedis’ team of international tax and payroll experts provide unparalleled support to clients globally which is their key differentiator in the market.
Technology innovation is at the heart of the business. Its Cloud based payroll platform, iConnect enables its tax and payroll team to provide the best service in the market. iConnect consolidates global payrolls, improves process efficiency and ensures data, payroll and tax compliance in over 130 countries worldwide.
Distinctive Services 

  1. Global Mobility Tax Advice: By its very nature, payroll is tax. Employers need to withhold tax from employees to submit to local tax authorities, ensuring that the right amount of tax is paid to relevant regulatory bodies. If an employee is sent on a foreign assignment as an expatriate, then additional tax services such as shadow payrolls, tax equalisation calculations & advice, social security applications and other cross border relief claims, will need to be made. Immedis provides all of this and more.
  2. Global Payments: Paying employees and local authorities around the world is a common source of frustration for multinationals with currency fluctuations, bank charges and multiple bank accounts to deal with. Immedis takes this arduous task from clients and manages the full payroll process, from data validation, payroll processing and payments to employees and local authorities. The company provides single international, regional or direct payment facilities for multinational organisations, ensuring timely payments to employees, local authorities and other third parties in over 150 currencies worldwide.
  3. Global Payroll Solutions: Technology is helping make the payroll cycle more efficient. The same steps need to be taken every month. Data needs to be gathered, verified, checked and processed to ensure employees are paid accurately each time. With much of this work being quite repetitive, Immedis has built RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into its software to help eliminate this manual work so that the payroll team can focus on adding value to the business, creating Board of Director level reports and insights that help propel the organisation forward.

The Road to Success 
The Immedis team has been providing global payroll services for 15 years. However, the company’s first major achievement was establishing a new standalone brand from its parent company, The Taxback Group, a hugely successful global financial services company with over 1,600 employees worldwide. “The lessons we’ve learned over the past number of years are huge. However, the most important lesson that has been learned is the importance of building trust in relationships with clients and our partners. We know how important it is to listen to their needs and challenges and this helps us create the best global payroll solution in the market.” states Ruairi Kelleher, the CEO of Immedis.
Because of this collaborative approach, Immedis has been able to create a new technology solution that is best in the market. No other global payroll vendor can provide at the level Immedis can – a single global overview of payroll across the world, with country level drill downs showing Gross to Net, Employer Contributions, Joiners and Leavers and other key data facts across the business. By really listening and understanding client challenges, Immedis has achieved what no one else has. “This approach has meant we are winning contracts and overtaking well established competitors who have been around for a long time” Kelleher comments.
“As clichéd as it may sound, the success of the business is built on the relationships we have nurtured over the years. We value trust, respect, and honesty. And because of our open approach to doing business, it has allowed us to create a solution that adds real value to our clients.” 
An Influential Leader 
Ruairi’s approach to leadership is based on empowering people to deliver their best. He believes in hiring great talent and giving them the freedom and tools to achieve the company’s goals. This means fostering a culture of openness and inclusivity where everyone’s opinions are considered, and people have ownership for what they do.
“We put experts at the heart of our business and provide value added advice. We don’t just act as a mailman between in country partners and the client” he adds.
Recently two of Immedis’ senior management team, Christine Keily and Mark Graham have been recognised and named in the 50 Top Knowledge & Professional Services category of The Reward 300 index for 2018. This is an evident indicator of the work the company is doing and its impact.
A Satisfied Clientele 
“We chose to partner with Immedis because of their unparalleled knowledge of international payroll and tax legislation. We can focus on driving our core business forward because we know we are in safe hands.” – Paul Hughes, First Derivatives. 
“Immedis were fantastic when we entered into the US, Canada, UK and Spain. We were able to consolidate all our payroll information across the world and present it in a way that gave us real insight at a company level.” – Tom O’Donnell, Lifes2Good.
“The partnership between APEX and Immedis will continue to grow. We looked at a number of different providers, but their technology stood out as best in class. It’s clear a lot of R&D went into the platform development.” – Jeff Pamplin, Apex Fund Services.