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IFS: Modernizing the Construction World through Prominent Software Solutions

The technological advancements and software applications in various industrial sectors have been increasing at a shocking speed. New innovations are being adopted to streamline the existing traditional construction processes and the tech-enabled construction industry.
IFS is one such organization which is paving a creative way to modernize the Construction-Tech industry. It is a world leading provider of business software for Project and Asset Lifecycle Management. The organization is investing in solutions to allow construction companies to adapt, be agile, and be the innovators and leaders of the future. Team IFS consists of 3,500 employees that support more than 10,000 customers worldwide from a network of local offices and through its growing ecosystem of partners.
IFS’s Take on Tech-Enabled Construction Industry Trends
There are a number of trends that are rapidly transforming the construction-tech industry.
Construction-integrated manufacturing, often referred to as offsite or modular construction, is a trend that is gathering pace, thereby forcing BIM to be adopted at a much faster pace.
IoT presents challenges and opportunities by offering a tremendous amount of data on the condition and performance of assets after project completion. As such, IFS can help them, enabling straightforward methods to incorporate IoT data into operational software systems.
Contractors are also increasingly looking for revenue after project completion through aftermarket contracts for operation, maintenance and service (OMS), often with help from IoT data. IFS can help them in executing aftermarket contracts profitably, and also price and design the initial project with the aftermarket in mind.
A Man who Recognized the Need of Better Integrated Business Systems
For the last 21 years, Kenny Ingram has been the Global Industry Director for Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure at IFS. Kenny has always been passionate to improve the performance of the construction industry enabling companies to take advantage of new-age technology. He recognized that the construction industry needed better integrated business systems that would allow projects to be cost-effective, less time consuming and quality-based. Today, he is developing innovative construction solutions at IFS focusing on project- and asset-centric industries. Under his leadership, the organization has invested heavily with the goal of offering the world’s best integrated business solutions to the construction industry.
Kenny is the driving force who has been contributing in developing a global IFS customer base of world class construction customers.
Promising Services Quenching Every Single Business Need
IFS develops and delivers agile, component-based software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and field service management (FSM). Its user-friendly enterprise application software helps organizations to outshine their competitors. Its combination of PLM and EAM software is rarely found in one integrated software solution. IFS provides project-based manufacturing solutions aiding the offsite manufacturing facility and international business settings. It operates integrating a common set of supporting modules including finance, human resources, document management, procurement, supply chain, subcontract management, quality, health, safety, plant, and equipment hire and rental. IFS is the solution for engineering, construction and infrastructure by offering the best-of-breed field service software for the aftermarket maintenance contracting. It also deals with enterprise projects like utilities construction including nuclear power.
Fueling Client Benefits through Constant Efforts
IFS solutions cover all stages of the asset lifecycle and provides its customers with flexible, integrated solutions and manages all the services it offers to its clients, allowing them to adapt their offerings with fluctuations in the business needs. This helps customers to manage their companies efficiently and make well-informed decisions based on accurate, timely, trusted information. IFS is committed to generating business value for its customers, giving them a competitive advantage.
Keeping in mind the client’s choices, IFS offers its software through a perpetual license or subscription which can be implemented on premise or a cloud solution. It also helps clients to take advantage of the disruptive trends that are impacting the construction-tech industry now and in the future.
Today, IFS is fueling client benefits through its constant efforts across all segments of the construction industry in more than twenty-five countries.
Cornerstones which Helped Achieving Milestones
IFS’s first customer, a nuclear power plant is still using IFS Applications to manage its mission-critical processes. This indicates that IFS is wholly committed and dedicated towards its customers.
IFS is an organization which values its employees. IFS encourages employees to be creative and innovative by offering projects they are passionate about. This helps in developing prominent staff skills which fueled the growth of the business leading to the success pathway. IFS also has a small, fast-moving internal unit known as ‘IFS Labs’ group. IFS Labs monitors consumer technologies, digital trends, and explores their applicability to its products and industries, thereby bolstering creativity and innovation. In addition, the construction industry expertise of team IFS helped it to become a recognized leader in today’s tech-enabled construction world.
Futuristic Approach
IFS aggressively builds features suggested by customers into its core product set. The company is also planning to design new technologies through its forward-looking IFS Labs group and is exploring the applicability of drones to augment the construction-tech space.
Major targeted investments have been made across all sectors of the industry with a futuristic approach to support the construction businesses and to support the total asset lifecycle management process. This will enable its customers to adapt their business and withstand the market complexities in the future. IFS is also majorly focusing on the digital transformation including integration of BIM model data with a view to renovate the existing construction-tech operations. It also offers a proven product to support servitization by integrating IoT data.
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