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IES Synergy: Addressing the Growing Demand for Charging Solutions

With the evolving disruption in Automotive Industry, Electric Vehicles (EV) market is powering up on a top gear. However, the charging infrastructure is the backbone of the EV industry. One of the leading companies addressing the growing demand for EV charging solutions is IES Synergy.
In an interview with Insights Success, the President and CEOJean-Michel Cornille, shares his experiences on leading IES Synergy and uncovers his insights on taking the company to the next level.
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision.
Jean-Michel: IES, which stands for Intelligent Electronic Systems, is a leading company recognized for advanced electric vehicle battery charging solutions. Founded more than 26 years ago, IES has created a high expertise for designing and manufacturing high frequency battery chargers at the edge of the technology. First engaged on the industrial vehicle market, where the company has developed a complete range of on-board chargers recognized by top leading industrial actors in the world, it has also actively participated to the emergence of the electric passenger vehicle market. Participating with key German car manufacturers on the development of the CCS Combo protocol, IES has been one of the pioneers developing leading-edge fast charging solutions for electric cars. Creator of the KEYWATTTM technology, IES has expanded its presence to many regions in the world, with more than 4,500 chargers deployed in the world.
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by IES Synergy?
Jean-Michel: We offer 3 key cutting-edge products for external fast chargers:

  • Mobile charging solutions: Easy to move and easy to connect, the Trolley and the Cube, with their interchangeable cables, are solid solutions for car manufacturers, for testing new EV cars in development. Dependable, they are also used to charge batteries at the end of EV manufacturing lines. Built from years of experience of IES mastering EV protocols, those products have been used by many prestigious car makers all over the world, to make sure their new models will provide a perfect compliance with protocols.
  • DC universal Wallbox for all EV cars: Offering unique compact design and delivering true 22/24kW to any EV on the market, the IES multi-standard wallbox provides the most universal and economic solution for charging at destination. With its compact design, the KEYWATT wallbox can be installed in less than two hours, either on a wall or on a pedestal. Its rated 22kW (AC) or 24kW (DC) output power will charge most EV cars typically in about one hour, independently of their protocols (Combo, CHAdeMO and/or AC Type 2), at a fraction of the cost of more expensive 50kW solutions. Based on a unique design without air filter, its maintenance needs are greatly reduced. Its customizable front panel & user menu makes it an ideal solution for providing fast charging points at shopping centers, restaurants, parking areas or for any work places or enterprise fleet
  • Charging Station for eBuses: It is a 50kW station specifically designed for charging eBuses in depot. With an optimized surface footprint and a unique hermetic design, the new IES station for eBus is perfect for use in depot environment, whose implantation is facilitated, maintenance needs greatly reduced and service continuity optimized. Three stations can be also coupled, as its paralleling kit enables the possibility to charge up to 150kW.

Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the company.
Jean-Michel: Always at the edge of the technology, IES has capitalized on the many steps the automotive market has taken so far. Combining high expertise in HF Power electronics and a true innovation spirit, IES was at the core of the moments that shaped the industry. Being at the earlier steps of the electrification trend seen 25 years on industrial vehicles, being at the earliest stage of the development of the CCS protocol, or chosen by FIA for charging their racecars, all those experiences resulted in the birth of the KEYWATTTM technology, used and recognized by many leading actors on the market.. Trademark of IES, KEYWATTTM has been selected as the core solution of many charging infrastructure actors in Europe, North America, and more recently in China through our joint venture created with WANMA in 2015 thanks to the support of our main shareholder, EURAZEO. In January 2018, within a capital increase, The NEXANS Group joined IES as a new shareholder, bringing additional means to accelerate its development.
What are the challenges faced by electric vehicles industry and how is IES Synergy serving to tackle them?
Jean-Michel: The adoption of electric vehicles by our citizens is tightly linked to the availability of a well dimensioned charging infrastructure network. New forms of transit will also appear, such as car sharing or zero emission public mass transport, in order to fight against pollution issues and congested city center access. IES has developed unique compact and cost-economic solutions based on its KEYWATT technology, to greatly facilitate the deployment of fast charging infrastructure in our cities, either for individual or mass transport. At IES, we believe fast and economic chargers to be spread in public and commercial environment will be the most essential solution.
Another barrier seen by the users is linked to the autonomy and the cost of the vehicles. But relentless progress in battery technology push the density up and the cost down, making vehicles more affordable with a larger autonomy. As of today, new generation of EV are announced with 500-600 km autonomy.
About the Leader
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique & Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Jean-Michel Cornille joined IES in March 2015. He spent most of his career in Telecom or Electronic Industry, in Executive Management positions within large international companies, such as President of ALCATEL Mobile Solutions Division, Executive VicePresident of AREVA T&D Automation and Senior VicePresident of ALSTOM Grid Power Electronics & Automation .Jean-Michel brings his high level executive management experience in leading IES to take it on a next level.
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