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Icon Platforms: Building Loyalty with Robust Engagement and Innovation

Loyalty is a revered quality in human beings. Loyalty requires walking down the difficult path of honesty and integrity. Additionally, loyalty requires a commitment to perseverance. No matter how difficult the going gets, loyalty requires one to treat commitments as sacrosanct and remember its pure spirit, over long period of time.
Hence, building loyalty and sustaining it is one of the biggest challenges for corporations who seek to sell products and services. Currently, many gamification companies fail to deliver loyalty solutions because they do not work to turn business objectives into concrete actions. Icon Platforms is a visionary company that delivers a unique and revolutionary strategy by focusing on the core business challenge and objective. It seeks to create a revolutionary branding engagement by aligning interest, desire, and action of consumers and employees with core business objectives.
Icon Platforms lays the groundwork of its visionary strategy by designing a holistic loyalty strategy, using enterprise gamification methodology, to define user personas, conceptual game models, game strategy, mission, viral aspects, social integration, scoring scenarios and multiplayer functionalities. The company understands the core challenge, the business faces when creating a loyal consumer base.  
The challenge is to get consumers to think beyond products and services and see the larger value proposition a brand offers. The company has geared its gamification designs to deliver robust and end-to-end loyalty ecosystem which is cherished by its customers, day in and day out. As a part of its sound and full proof strategy, Icon Platforms offers companies to track real engagement and conversions to their websites and mobile applications and forget about the headache of paying large sums just for raw traffic.
Icon Platforms is an enterprise gamification solution provider based on its own TALOS Platform to create flexible, result driven and innovative digital engagement for its clients. The company since its inception has to lead the industry with a clear message and the right foot forward with its mission. Its iconic mission states that “We are a result oriented company. We believe in the principle that hard work and high productivity is something to be proud of.”
Icon Platforms is a corpus of engineers, software designers, business analysts, marketers, artists, thinkers, psychologists and innovators who share a common goal: To create an unparalleled engaging user experience for brands around the world.
Not Just a Game Provider but a Game Changer 
Icon Platforms promises to revolutionize the gamification industry with some unique and groundbreaking innovations. Currently, the main goal of the companies is to create gamification solutions for entertainment purposes. Icon Platforms promises to change that with a focus on driving business performance with an intuitive platform and scientific understanding of human behavior and motivation.
The platform engages users with intrinsic motivation and clear and personal goals which have value to the users. In order to drive these goals, the company is building a social world for organizations. This social engaging world is created using personalized mechanisms to understand and reward employees and consumers and create awareness on products and services. Additionally, by using data analysis methods, the platform provides unique behavioral insights to companies to create a more engaging social experience for employees and consumers in the long run. Ultimately, Icon Platforms is committed to create a strong network of employees and consumers which is line with the business goal of driving profits and upscaling performance.
A Company Driven By Concrete Measure of Performance 
In business, it is important to know the concrete value of an associate or consumer before investing in them. Hence, Icon Platforms has dedicated its resources to creating a KPI driven engagement which is measurable and delivers a concrete idea about the ROI of investment. In order to drive high user engagement, the company has adopted various gaming modules such as multiplayer, strategy, conceptual, user persona which is a high priority on any gamers list. Hence, as the company invests top dollars into R&D to build great loyalty & gamification concepts, it designs, creates and tracks projects to create a system of measuring the concrete ROI returns which the loyalty based gamification delivers to client businesses.
The business model rides on the new wave created by social media which is driving brands to pull users rather than push users into buying products and services. Therefore, Icon Platforms has created an enterprise-ready, cross-platform system with on-demand analytics. This has helped the company make gamification projects which are born out of an original and lucrative business philosophy. Loyalty today is no longer about points, rewards, discounts a brand offers but the holistic experience in which processes, service, strategy are put together to engage a user with the brand. Keeping this in mind, Icon Platforms creates gamification concepts of top-notch quality which are fun, engaging and drive behavior change. The company has achieved tremendous success on the back of its well thought out vision and is currently being hailed as a gamechanger in 23 countries worldwide.
A Recipe for Success 
Icon Platforms like its many competitors boasts of many qualities which drive it to succeed every day like an expert team of employees, clear vision and innovation. However, one quality sets it apart in the world of gamification and is the primary reason for its worldwide success. The company has mastered a disciplined approach to original and unique creativity. The expert team at Icon Platforms learns and views the prism of its work through several different philosophies in order to understand human behavior and gaming.
For example, the company creates personal journeys through gaming borrowed from Jungian psychology and immerses them in the ocean of happiness based on the idea of happiness borrowed from Greek Philosophy, the Eudymonia. Creativity requires a consistent innovation and thinking which is out-of-the-box day in and day out. Icon Platforms masters this field with a discipline of combining its vision with innovative thinkers, dreamers and visionary like its founders. Icon Platforms uniqueness is based on the robust, owned TALOS Platform, a state of the art loyalty & enterprise gamification platform designed for large organizations. TALOS platform listens for, identifies and records the online behavior of each of user, customer, partner or employee, motivating their engagement actions and storing information in unique personal profiles. TALOS platform is constantly evolving with new modules and features ready to deploy, scale and customize.
The company was founded by Nikos Skarpetis and George Antoniadis. The founders had extensive experience in creating software and business management processes that were core at the heart of building successful corporations. When they founded Icon Platforms, their message to the world of innovation was simple and extraordinary, “as an innovative force, challenging the usual way and finding ways to do it more creatively, smarter, faster, and less expensive.” Today the company delivers their promise to worldwide and promises to accomplish much more with each passing day 
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