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ICM Pharma: Transforming Science of Drug Development

Recent years have seen exciting discoveries in Pharma Industries that are generating truly novel therapeutics for unmet patient needs. In today’s connected world, the role of the Pharmaceutical Industry is changing rapidly according to the key trends. Having an identity in Pharma solutions in place that one can trust enhances day-to-day living and work life by creating many more opportunities and encouraging stronger communities. At the center of this industry, ICM Pharma Pte. Ltd. stands tall among its contemporaries with providing its unmet patient needs.
ICM Pharma is amongst Singapore’s largest homegrown pharmaceutical manufacturers that develops, produces and markets a wide range of Over The Counter (OTC) and generic pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and disinfectants. Being one of the very first manufacturers to be GMP Certified by the Ministry of Health for the production of human pharmaceuticals in the 1980s, ICM Pharma is one of the leading suppliers to public and private healthcare institutions, clinics and pharmacies in Singapore.
With its wide range of OTC “Minor Ailment Remedies” found practically in almost every household in Singapore, ICM Pharma has established itself as a leading and trusted pharmaceutical manufacturer.
A Leader Who Inspired Change
Founded in 1970 by Koe Khoon Poh, lauded as a pioneer and Father of Pharmacy in Singapore, ICM Pharma is now helmed by his son, Dr. Stuart Koe, Managing Director of ICM Pharma. A pharmacist by training, Dr. Stuart, gained his experience running a dotcom startup for almost 12 years before joining his father’s company. Since taking over the management role, he takes all the charge and doubled the production capacity and improved its operational and manufacturing excellence with an investment of more than S$2 million. Also, the company has grown by 30% in an industry that has been experiencing a climate of stagnation. ICM Pharma has invested more than €5 million in cutting-edge biological research that is now in Phase III clinical trials.            `
Under the leadership of Dr. Stuart, not only ICM Pharma is improving its operational and manufacturing excellence. This shall undoubtedly solidify its business foundation as it begins to explore overseas regional markets with some of its award-winning products. Having spent the last few decades specializing in liquid mixtures, creams and ointments, today ICM Pharma is also enriching its product portfolio through the registration of dozens of new generics, comprising a broad spectrum of medical specialties from cardiology to oncology.
In an honor to carry forward of his father’s legacy, Dr. Stuart has also launched a new company, “PharmaKoe” that entrenches his family name cleverly in the pharmacy world. With the tagline “Get Better.” PharmaKoe promises that you will get better in all aspects – health, products, services. But more importantly, it is a commitment to improving itself continuously.
Delivering Solutions and Services with Accuracy
Already armed with its established line of award-winning products, this strategic expansion of its product offerings will further augment its competitiveness as it moves into vast overseas regional markets. In this respect, regional expansion plans and techno-commercial alliances with renowned international pharmaceutical players are already progressing at a rapid pace. The group’s expansive customer base, both in public and private sectors, can look forward to a whole new range of products and services across all the main therapeutic segments. 
Bringing Innovation at the “Doors” of Alloksys Life Sciences
ICM Pharma has invested more than €5 million in cutting-edge biological research that is now in Phase III clinical trials across, almost a dozen of reputable hospitals worldwide. It was the company’s quest for innovation that culminated in this landmark investment in Alloksys Life Sciences in 2016, a Dutch biotech company with its pipeline of novel, life-saving treatments based on the RESCAP® platform. The largest investment of its kind by a Singaporean pharmaceutical company in novel drug development, RESCAP® is expected to reach the market in 2019.
Explaining the success: Human capital
ICM Pharma recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. The company has invested heavily in the human capital to prepare itself for the next wave of growth. Over the last one year, it has taken bold steps in creating an executive leadership team, headed by the CEO, Mr. Nandiraju Manohar, and pillared with novel and distinct business verticals. These key positions were filled by attracting the industry’s best talent. ICM Pharma has the rare distinction of being perhaps the only pharmaceutical company founded, owned and managed by pharmacists throughout its long history, which it considers to be one of its competitive strengths. How this company’s competitive strength has manifested is the bestowal of multiple prestigious awards on ICM Pharma, including the Enterprise 50, Singapore Prestige Brand, SMF Sustainable Growth, Entrepreneur of the Year, SME 100 – Singapore’s Fast Moving Companies and the 2017 Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Award.
ICM’s role in National Healthcare
As an industry leader and apart from its business and financial successes, ICM Pharma is playing a key role in its corporate and social responsibility. Dr. Stuart chairs the Life Sciences Industry Group (LSIG) at the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, which functions as the representative communication platform for the Singapore’s pharmaceutical industry and the government, regulatory agencies and foreign countries, in addition to leading the Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Council and Singapore Pharmaceutical Trade Organisation. Recognising the significant macroscopic role it has to play in the national interests of accessible and low-cost healthcare by strengthening the capabilities of the local pharmaceutical industry, ICM is committed to working with these organizations to serve the country and community by maintaining world-class quality and safety standards. The company ensures that the healthcare needs of Singaporeans will be met with the sustainable availability and supply of affordable and effective pharmaceutical products and medicines.

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