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Ice Cube Marketing: Answer for all your Digital marketing Queries

In this world of electronic content today, going digital is the first and foremost priority for businesses. To be visible in the market, doing promotion through digital media is necessary. The prime reason for the growth in digital marketing is its universality and its practicality for all businesses alike.
Whether you are a startup or industry mogul, everyone needs a digital marketing expert who will help them penetrate the industry. If you face issues such as not getting visitors on your website, not having enough followers on your social media platform, spending quite a big amount on online advertisement but not seeing any fruits, it means you need digital marketing assistance.
One such reliable partner that will provide you best digital marketing advices is Ice Cube Marketing. Based on the philosophy to create evergreen campaigns that will continue to generate results for a long time, Ice Cube Marketing relies on testing and data analytics to run campaigns. Being entrepreneurs themselves, Ice Cube Marketing works with their client as partners and adopt a performance based working arrangement that aligns both interests.
Basics on which the company is standing tall
Ice Cube Marketing knows very well the thought process of today’s business owners, which makes them one of the best. Many of the business owners are still not sure of the value that digital marketing companies bring to the table. Most business owners are good in what they do, but they are stretched for time. Digital marketing company helps to carry out all the work involved in growing the sales of the business, freeing the team to do what they are good at. Ice Cube Marketing is based on this truth, serving the best digital marketing services to the clients.
The Marketing Expert
A thorough digital marketing expert, Ted Chong, Founder of Ice Cube Marketing holds a first class honors in Business IT from NTU and has 7 years’ experience in marketing. It was in 2009 that Ted stumbled upon digital marketing when researching about ways to grow his startup in the education and e-commerce space.
He’s been hooked ever since.Prior to starting Ice Cube Marketing, he started several other companies including a sports e-commerce business as well as a tuition agency. Digital marketing played a big role in all these businesses. It is after that experience that Ted was able to hone his skills in digital marketing and began to help others with it. Now, he gives speeches to share his knowledge on those areas.
Ted has conducted workshops and talks in HDB, NTU, companies, meet-up group as well as to the public. Ted also writes about digital marketing for publications including TechinAsia, Singapore Business Review and e27. In June 2016, his article on Search Engine Optimization was named one of top 10 articles in TechinAsia.
All the answers for those digital marketing queries
Based in Singapore and Malaysia, Ice cube marketing is a digital marketing agency that carries out campaigns tied closely to numbers. With an objective to increase the sales of the clients while reducing their costs, hence providing them with a good ROI, Ice cube marketing, instruments a combination of relentless A/B testing and compelling copywriting to achieve it.
It was pretty hard for the company when it came to scaling the business. As, in Singapore, there isn’t a degree for digital marketing, making it hard for them to try to find people who have the skills & knowledge necessary to join the team. “It is a business that lives and dies on the knowledge and skills of its people, so we were determined to get this piece right”, adds Ted.
With a motto to ‘serve the best to the client’, Ice cube marketing seeks to go in depth with their business, to serve them the best. They work almost as a partner instead of a vendor. Ted shares, “We asked so many questions that one of our clients asked if we were going to enter his sector to compete against him.” However, the company does not believe that they are able to help without first having a solid understanding of the target audience and market. The information gathered will help in every step along the way, from deciding clients’ marketing platform to writing a copy that resonates with the target audience.
Ted’s ‘Birds Eye View’ on the future of Digital Marketing
As per Ted, the future of digital marketing, at least in Asia, is content marketing. Video is still an untapped form of content. Ice cube marketing is working with a professional videographer at the moment in helping select clients with producing videos. According to Ted, a lot more education is needed in their region, in order to create more awareness around the importance of differentiating themselves with a video.
When it comes to rendering services to their clients, Ted asserts, “We do not oversell ourselves and choose to let results speak for themselves. I think, if we are sincere and authentic in our communication to people, they will appreciate it.”

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