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I AM Consulting: Transforming Client’s Businesses

Companies are more focused on investment and improving their IT system in the present scenario. IT system has been one of the crucial mechanisms which is helping every business run smooth, effective and sustainable. However, the IT solutions must be changed once the technology adopts upgradation. The era of accepting change in an ever-changing business is making many organizations prompt to learn and open their minds to changing their business with the new technology.
I AM Consulting Co., Ltd is one such leading consulting firm that has combined all experiences of the best IT consultants in Thailand to provide a practical strategy down to execution and implementation of SAP-related solutions for every medium and large sized companies. I AM Consulting has been making their stand in business with a vision of helping clients to streamline their business with IT solution in order to maximize IT investment and achieve client’s company goals.
Providing Strategic Management Services
I AM Consulting is committed to provide end-to-end consulting services from strategy to execution with a 360 degree and 3 dimension consulting concept enabling the customers to revamp their businesses through the right and appropriate deployment of IT solutions and strategies.
I AM Consulting is the best IT & Management Consulting firm in ASEAN with a mission to provide strategic management professional services to the clients with practical IT solutions adding value to any corporate strategic positioning and competitiveness. They have full life cycle capabilities to transform and assist clients to run their business covering all aspects of SAP implementation which can help the clients to maximize their IT investment.
I AM Consulting provides IT solution mainly in SAP product which also has other solutions such as OpenText and SuccessFactors solutions. The services cover for consulting and implementation of SAP ERP, SAP Basis, SAP ABAP, SAP HCM, Cloud solutions, ECM consulting, IT Strategy & Management, Mobility technology, and support.
Pioneer Behind The Impeccable Success
Taro Lertwattanarak, Founder and Group Director of I AM Consulting, has more than 20 years of experience in IT and Management consulting business. Strong experience in many leading private, public and government organizations of Thailand as a consultant made him realize the need for a crucial mechanism that every organization needed to drive their business. Thus, when Taro saw an opportunity in consulting business, he established I AM Consulting with his partner in 2002.
Like every greater thing that comes with a price, Taro’s startup was unsuccessful in making profit for him. But the intention and his skills in IT consulting business paid off and took I AM Consulting to the greater heights which it deserved from the very beginning. Taro and the team have since then successfully provided right solutions to clients which drives all business processes to the better position.
Growing and Developing to Exceed Client’s Requirements
I AM Consulting is the only company in Thailand that provide a full range of SAP services that includes SAP implementation, SAP license, SAP support, and SAP education. Also, the company has many consultants which have expert skills in specific solutions. Every successful project is helping I AM Consulting meet and exceed clients’ requirements.
I AM Consulting has the best IT consultants in Thailand whose skills and experiences has proven their success in many references. They work hard to make a client’s project successful and have never failed or left their clients behind.
I AM Consulting has merged with Japanese firm named TIS INTEC Group, one of the largest system integrators in Japan. I AM Consulting is looking to expand their reach to ASEAN country. Their newest solution from SAP product is S/4 HANA/ In Memory Enterprise Management Business Suite, the next-generation ERP Business Suite.
Intention and Inspiration are Making Way
The intention and inspiration in consulting business have always been the starting points of I AM Consulting. Taro and the team have always focused on accepting the changes in IT business and help clients accordingly. They never got out of the race and were always ready for their client’s.
When asked why accepting changes in the IT industry is a key to survive, Taro reflected, “IT is one of the core fundamental in all business industries which lead to the business success, so it helps to improve all business performance including management, business outcome and revenue. When you get all things done faster than the others, this lead to the next progress earlier than the other,”
“Information Technology has been the essential and very important part of human life and the business world. It is the solution which drives every business function more effectively. It helps us to manage people, process and function in organizations. The outcome of this improvement will help our clients save their cost and production time. And this IT solution always has new technology that brings the best solutions. We will be continuing to provide the newest solution to our client,” asserts Taro on how IT and I AM Consulting is connected.