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Hyprevention: Next Level Innovative Medtech Company

Technology and medicine have gone hand in hand for many years. Consistent advances in the medical field have saved millions of lives and improved many other lives. With all powerful equipment, aiming to address the real clinical need and providing quality of life for the patients, Hyprevention was created in 2010.
The organization is an Innovative Medtech company located in Pessac-France, with 3 experimented orthopedic surgeons. Hyprevention develops, manufactures, and sells innovative medical devices, addressing the public health issue. It has developed the UNIQUE STRUTPLASTY® technique indicated to treat bone fragility. This unique technique aims at reinforcing bone sites, weakened by osteoporosis or metastasis such as the proximal femur or vertebra. Hyprevention’s products have been introduced in Europe where the company is based. However, it plans to expand the sales network in the USA and beyond in order to address health issues worldwide.
Management Panel 
Cécile Vienney is the Founder and CEO of the company. Cecile implemented the operational activities and the team leading in compliance with the European Regulation. She hired a team of experts in order to support the Medtech Company. The team is committed to develop high-quality products aiming to address the real clinical need and providing quality of life for the patients. It supports the clinical experience of company’s innovative devices and considering its long perspective of development, the team works with younger surgeons able to build their own long term clinical experience and to participate in any need for enhancement.
No pain, No hospitalization 
Hyprevention is proposing a disruptive innovation with Y-STRUT® PROXIMAL FEMUR SYSTEM, which is intended to be used to prevent a hip fracture. The implantable medical device is indicated in traumatology to prevent the contralateral hip fracture following a first low energy hip fracture due to osteoporosis in older adults. It is also indicated in oncology to bridge and strengthen bone metastasis located in the proximal femur (CE1250, ANVISA, not FDA cleared, patented). The company’s product is unique in the market and is complementary to the medication to treat osteoporosis that requires several months of administration before providing bone strengthening.
Another product, V-STRUT© TRANSPEDICULAR SYSTEM, developed more recently, is intended to treat and prevent vertebral compression fracture in the same indications as Y-STRUT® (osteoporosis and oncology). This medical device provides a unique implant anchorage to allow a long term efficacy (Not CE, not FDA cleared, patented). The company’s product makes a substantial clinical differentiation compared to the large competition. It can be combined with various existing technics, like kyphoplasty balloon as an example, to offer a more extensive clinical arsenal to the doctors in order to achieve the right performance.
Raising the hip technology 
Hip fracture in the elderly is a real health issue, which needs to be addressed. There is unawareness amongst the older adults about osteoporosis and the bone breakages & fractures that one can get treated along with technology. Hyprevention counts on an experimented scientific advisory board and a committed operational team to support the challenge of introducing the first prophylactic hip fixation system in the orthopedic field. Also, the entire community is involved, in the care of the elderly population in its journey. Its technology generates no hurt, requires short anesthesia and no hospitalization depending on the patient health status.
Challenges and its tech-powered solutions 
Developing a disruptive innovation and a new clinical indication is a challenge for the company. Despite the evidence of the need to improve quality of life of the older adults and avoiding too early dependency, and the support it gets from the pioneers in the prevention field, who are using the company’s products. It takes time to build a clinical history that will give trust to a larger audience. A robust clinical plan is mandatory to highlight clinical evidence on any disruptive technology. So, it is addressing a fragile population, and specific care has been taken to enroll elderly patients in the company’s clinical studies.
Hyprevention with its global approach is trying to make sure the right patient is selected to have the full benefit of the bone reinforcement with STRUPLASTY®. It provides specific care to the fragile population where the organization is targeting. It is aware that competitors are developing new solutions to address the same indication. However, it is ahead of the competition and has already planned for the next-generation product using modern technologies still under development.
Sustaining Potential Future Inventions 
Hyprevention’s devices have been invented by experimented orthopedic and spine surgeons having deep clinical experience and a very scientific approach of the orthopedic treatments allowing them to assess the needs to be filled soon with the aging and growing population. And it looks forward to proposing more innovative clinical solutions to the doctors and patients.
“We are very glad to see our solution is able to make patients happy and confident in their life. We are proud when we received nice proof of satisfactory. And we look forward proposing more innovative clinical solutions to the doctors and patients”.