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Are humans on the verge to drop their jobs?

The coming years will spectate a time when the entire work place would look different.  Half of the world has already been infused by Artificial Intelligence. In this technology driven life, people seldom have time to waste. Today there is an alternate to every problem that linger humans. Let it be about automated or smart cars being used to move around, or taking help of “Siri” ‒ the personal assistant to help with directions, make a call or for any kind of service. The auto generated texts that is received from banks, Facebook wishing birthdays, reminders or events set in calendars, email filtering spam messages are all performed through automation. Thus, AI has its influence in every aspect of one’s life.
The world today is moving in a swift manner and there is a shift at how we live, move and communicate. Time seems to be barrier here as everyone is in rush to adapt to the changes. As humans, communicating to another being is very important. There are automatic secretaries that help in arranging such gatherings with all the necessary information. Everything out in the world is just at finger tips away.  Scheduling meetings, ordering grocery, making dinner plans, ordering food at work or at home anything is possible. Technology has opened up infinite opportunities and the growth of technology in such a small span of time is commendable. How much easier can life be with the help of these technologies? The answer lies in future. Considering the changes that have occurred in past few years, it can be assured that AI is growing and the scopes are infinite.
Robots to live midst us
The alluring thing about humans is that they are always looking for something new and they strive to make their lives easier. It doesn’t need a genius to know that the drastic change in every ones lives and the implementation of AI is the outcome of human thinking and hence it won’t be startling if robots would actually live amongst humans. If such a thing happens then the work load on humans would be reduced to minimal. Is that a good thing or bad?  However from the outside this new world that would emerge seems like effortless.  Most of the hazardous tasks like defusing a bomb, working at coal mine, using heavy and dangerous machines and even at war field would become less of a nightmare. Among other things AI is playing a major role in business and other work fields which give a possibility of robots replacing workers in the market.
As a coin has two sides, this initiation could have drawbacks, but there is brighter side too. If workers are being replaced with robots then there would be higher productivity and lesser time consumption. There would be a change in the graph of economic growth too. For example automated surveillance can be a boon to the entire mankind. Improved machine tools like 360 degree video cameras, sensors that can cover all kinds of images that pass by will bring a massive change. It might even put the jobs of security guards at question but this change will be a turning point. It can reduce the risks of thefts and other incidents.
There is another masterpiece of AI that can be called as the game changer. AI robots are replacing receptionists. Handing multiple clients can be tiring and can at times even create confusions and thus replacing humans with robots is both impressive and time saving. Imagine how it would feel like when you are entering a museum and you are welcomed by a robot who gives you a quick, precise and clear tour of all the things in that museum. How wonderful is that?  Robots can even be replaced by workers at factory. This brilliant step has lots of advantages. Workers at coal mine sites or any such mineral sites are always prone to danger, the replacement of humans by robots can reduce this risk and also it will be helpful in increasing productivity. Similarly AI robots can take over works of a driver, data analyst, delivery boys, advertising salesperson, telemarketer, bookkeeping clerks and many other such strenuous and boring jobs. That is not all they can be also be useful in other high intelligent jobs like that of an accountant. A robot will never go wrong with calculations and numbers.
Are humans ready for this change?
The biggest fear that lingered humans since years was what will happen to humans if robot takes over? Seems like humans are about to get their answers. AI robot is not a dream anymore rather it is the hard truth that the coming generation has to face. According the reports released by McKinsey & Company, 800 million workers would be replaced by robots worldwide by the year 2030. The report also stated that the countries with advanced economies like U.S and Germany up to one-third of work force might be replaced by robots by the year 2030. Does this suggest that the workers would have to learn other skills and find other jobs?  The future looks both scary and impressive and what does it has in store can only be unfolded with time.