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HubStor: The Conclusive Platform for Data Storage

The amount of electronic data (documents, email, videos) produced by organizations big or small is confounding.  Storing all this information into the data centre can be expensive and time consuming. The growing trend, cloud storage has eased up this process of data storage.  This service enables users to store any amount of data online. Recent studies have stated that around 800 industrialists (or more) are gaining the competitive advantage of high cloud adoption. It has also predicted that public cloud service will exceed $244 billion. Despite, the advantages of being cost-effective, real-time recovery and easy accessibility to the stored data, the functionality of cloud storage is limited. This limited functionality can be caused due to the prevailing security threats and usability of cloud. Envisioned with the mission to make cloud infrastructure easier for enterprises, HubStor is the leading cloud storage software company. This hybrid cloud solution provider unlocks the power of the cloud for intelligent data management.
Storehouse and Defenders of Data
As mentioned above, the sole purpose of HubStor is to make cloud infrastructure easier for enterprise IT teams to consume for storing and managing unstructured data workloads. Organizations use HubStor to manage and backup unstructured data for compliance and to virtualize older datasets in their primary storage for next levels of hybrid cloud agility. Ever since the initiation of HubStor, it has fixed any matter of concern related to data. Geoff Bourgeois, CEO of HubStor further adds, “This journey has led us to help clients with various types of data. Everything, starting from, medical images to genomics data, to geo-spatial imagery to email, call centre recordings, public records, and others”.
The unmatched security details provided by this company have put the mind of vendors at peace. With HubStor, the cloud is just not another backup. It enhances the clients’ on-premise backup processes while also doubling as a ransomware insurance plan and backup of Office 365.
Founded in the year 2015, the company has already built strong trust among some of the big giants. Having proved its efficiency, HubStor today has many trusted clients who trust it with their sensitive data. This platform of HubStor which is easy to use, deploy and easy to adopt even promises zero lock- in. This means that if any one of the clients wants to unsubscribe to the services, they can anytime stop using it and recover all the data stored. However, post launch there is no chance that one would stop using it. HubStor is proud of its cloud storage solutions- proven and fortressed.
The Catalyst of Change and Innovation
Geoff Bourgeois, the CEO at HubStor, is the type of person who enjoys trying new things and challenging the status quo. This approach of his has enabled HubStor to introduce new ways of working with clients. Things like the company’s transparent pricing model and zero lock-in approach is an exciting departure from the way vendors have traditionally worked with enterprise clients.
Guiding the team of experts, Geoff adds that the success of the company can be attributed to the simple and high-quality software that works beyond the customer’s expectation. Following this thought, the highly-responsive and seasoned team can also be acknowledged for developing meaningful relationships with the clients.
The Cloud Story Odyssey
Alike any organization, this company had its share of challenges too. One of the major challenges faced by HubStor was the protection of customary tenants and data from an accidental or malicious activity. However, facing challenges in the data sector and moving ahead is what HubStor is best at. “We made significant investment to build a SaaS operations security framework that protects customer configurations and data from accidents or bad actors”, explains Geoff.
The team at HubStor believes that market surrounding the cloud is still very nascent. Organizations are still learning how they can best take advantage of the cloud, how the cloud’s pricing model works, and what skills they need to maintain a competitive edge. Organizations that embrace the cloud will become agiler in their execution. Today, HubStor has built itself in such a way that no matter how many challenges come its way, the company has an alternative to it. Leave it to the team of efficient developers and ITians to find the solution and pull its client out of every data related trouble. This company has made it easy for organizations to leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for needs such as backup, archiving, and compliance data management. The future lying ahead of this company is very promising and innovatory. HubStor is growing at a fast clip which will only accelerate as the company will be investing more into marketing the brand in key markets around the world.
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