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Hub Linked: A Breakthrough Monitoring and Collaboration Platform for Organizations

Every organization today is having superior insights towards its core competencies to deliver something unique to its customers. Organizations are rapidly recognizing its customer’s needs and making user-friendly tools to deliver the best solutions. At present, enterprises are flawed towards its functionality to enhance communication within the organization which brings better connectivity.
However, enterprises are still lacking in the communication done within the organization. How can you expect to take your passengers where they need to go when you don’t have oil in your car?
Hence, a Canada-based company called Hub Linked is offering breakthrough solutions to the enterprises for monitoring and creating a collaborating platform. The company is revolutionizing the way businesses keep their teams motivated and highly productive. Hub Linked allows enterprises and their teams to stay connected, organized and on track.
Hub Linked is a specialized social media platform designed to bring maximum connections and communication to organizations. It is efficient, business-oriented, and strives to offer a better company culture by uniting all of its departments and teams. Similar to Facebook, it offers a specialized social media platform that promotes a users’ performance and productivity.
Key to Enhance Business Successfully
Each organization needs motivation as a key for success. Hub Linked gives this power to enterprises and provides the ability to keep their team highly engaged by sharing inspiring and relevant content with them, on a regular basis. The communication works within the organization by receiving its own secure web link to access the HUB.
Hub Linked has 5 major components to make an organization run smoother:
1. Community Hub: The Community Hub is like a social intranet. The organization can share valuable knowledge, ask questions and be up-to-date with everything that’s going on within the entire organization.
2. Portals Hub: A Portal Hub is an inner group, dedicated to a certain topic for maximum productivity. For example, if there is a portal called Marketing, within this portal the company will be able to discuss, assign tasks to one or multiple people. The best part is this portal can be assigned as public, private or hidden.
3. Events Hub: Event hub is a calendar having all the work events, priorities, and project deadlines. The organization can set its categories to integrate with all major calendar clients, such as Outlook, Google calendar, and Ical.
4. Mentor Hub: The Mentor Hub automatically organizes all the articles into specific categories. This allows the organization to create and distribute knowledge to its team to keep them motivated, up to speed and set to a higher standard of work.
5. My Priorities: It is the most important component of Hub Linked. It ties the entire platform together. My Priorities is a list of all your tasks, and it allows the organization to organize tasks by its due date, importance, newest event, etc.
Insights of a Leader
The Founder and CEO of Hub Linked, David Mansilla, is also a dignified Mentor at Futurpreneur Canada which intensely works towards Arts and Culture. He is also Board Member at Neruda Arts which aims to Economic Empowerment.
David was fond of computer programming since the days of Apple’s primitive Macintosh II. He knew that the capabilities of this technological development would be important in the future. Ever since then, it became a deep passion for him and this same passion drives his software company ISU Corp to thrive. Later, he founded Hub Linked which is a sister company of ISU Corp. David Mansilla’s leadership guides his company Hub Linked to new heights.
Battling with Challenges
The competition is fierce with platforms like Hub Linked. There are some other programs that are both functional and useful, but the organization believes that none are as tailored to business needs as Hub Linked. It is imperative that Hub Linked reaches its niche segment. The company believes that its duty is to connect with those who would be a right fit for its product, as those who need it deserve the best in the industry.
Confronting Competition  
The Hub Linked team works as a family unit, which boosts efficiency, passion, and dedication. Creating Hub Linked is a labor of love, as the company uses the program to organize its projects and communicate with one another. The company attests to its proficiency as genuine users of the product itself, and that separates it from any other companies who aren’t in the shoes of their clients.
Inspiration to Enter Market
Hub Linked was inspired by the need to strengthen the feeling of a community within a company that has people in eight different countries. The company wanted to be able to communicate and create a bond as though all teams were in the same office. That’s how Hub Linked came into existence, a virtual office that allows organizations to communicate effectively. There were no other better alternatives than to create their own customized software that fulfilled its own specific needs.
Striving Towards Future
Hub Linked is always working towards improvement. They strive to update the program often so as to ensure a modern and intuitive feel for those who use it.  The company will be implementing artificial intelligence to Hub Linked to predict user patterns and to provide connections with people and processes within the organization. Hub Linked is looking to a future where it can help as many businesses reach their full potential as possible by giving them a tool that lets them organize the communication between them and their clients.
The journey of Hub Linked and its Present Scenario
The concept of Hub Linked was first born when David’s primary company, ISU Corp, reached a level of growth that the current tools were not capable of handling. The company needed something to bind its international company together and to organize its various areas into one working machine. ISU Corp is a software development company, so Hub Linked was created as a product of ISU Corp. Hub Linked is constantly updating and freshening up the program, which has its difficulties as programs do, but otherwise, the company has done exceptionally well in its development.
Hub Linked believes the industry is in constant change. The company is striving to foresee the changes in order to stay ahead of the game and is always looking at new trends, technologies, and improvements.
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