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Huawei Files Two Patents for Sliding/Extendable Displays

Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has filed a new smartphone patent for extendable display. The patent was filed with the China National Administration Intellectual Property (CNIPA) and included in the global design base of WIPO, Gizmo China notes. The prototypes show that the phone is foldable, much like the Mate X and Mate X, but the latest proprietary model is designed to pull out.
Huawei showed two distinct types of design, represented and demonstrated by many illustrations. The first model (Model A) is slightly smaller than Model B. It has a bezel-less design, and the flexible panel can be extended with a simple finger movement from the right side to the back. The back of the camera has a vertical cut, containing a three-lens camera setup with no indication for the front camera. You would only need to turn the phone around to use the primary camera to take self-portraits. The extension raises the display area of Model A by 30%.
Huawei uses another sliding mechanism for the second iteration. The triple camera configuration on the left-back instead of on the right side is seen in this modification. The versatile monitor stretches to the left as well. The extended portion on the right side would be much smaller since the rear sensors are located on the left side. This design allows the display area on the second design to be increased to 50 percent. Nonetheless, the first version looks better in terms of practicality.
Huawei already has the Mate X and the Mate Xs, the most commonly available flexible smartphones today, under its belt. Yet in the field of flexible panels, the company wants to go further and has recently licensed two new designs for sliding displays.
On 9 January last year, the patent, which was accepted by WIPO on 17 December, was filed again. Although the architecture is the same as the ASUS Zenfone 6, three cameras are available instead of two on the next Huawei smartphone.