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HRsoft: Providing A Complete Compensation Solution for Employers

HR is changing rapidly with various trends still on the way. Due to this change, Human Resource Management (HRM) Providers are changing and evolving adapt to this new environment. Just some of the major changes facing HRM providers are globalization, a changing workforce, workforce diversity, pay equity and that’s just the beginning.
Leading the way for HRM providers in the area of compensation management and total rewards is HRsoft – an award-winning talent management software company that specializes in cloud-based compensation solutions that help managers save time and their best employees.  We’ve named HRsoft one of the 10 Best Performing HRM Solution Providers of 2017.
By focusing specifically on compensation and total rewards software, HRsoft has created a best-of-breed solution that offers industry-leading configurability and functionality that their clients love.  Both user-friendly and client-centric, HRsoft is quickly becoming the compensation solution of choice for employers around the globe.
Luke Malloy, VP, Compensation, Ameriprise Financial, commented on the services of HRsoft and said, “We completed a full replacement of old outdated solution with the HRsoft compensation module to plan and pay salary increases, incentive payments for 20 plans and long-term incentive awards. HRsoft has a great solution and even better people.
HRsoft focuses on innovative product delivery for “Complete Compensation”
HRsoft started their journey to fill in the gap where the modules provided by HRIS vendors proved to be lacking. They saw that the companies with more than 1,000 employees have needs around compensation planning that are too complex for HRIS vendors to handle. HRsoft’s specialization in “complete compensation” enables them to stay focused on best-of-breed solutions for compensation planning and total rewards – two areas where many employers still struggle with spreadsheet and paper based technology.
Like many other software companies, HRsoft marks their biggest challenge as growing responsibly while continuing to balance that with new innovations that their clients need.  There appear to be many opportunities in terms of expansion, but maintaining focus and continuing to deliver innovative products with great support is their priority.
This type of focus also helped HRsoft recently win SaaS Product of the Year in the Stratus Award Competition where judge Jason Bloomberg said, “HRsoft targets the retention problem across multiple industries via a proactive and strategic approach –where other companies only offer reactive, tactical tools that rarely work.”
About the Man Leading HRsoft
David Kennedy, the CEO at HRsoft, has a solid experience of more than twenty years in leading HR services and technology vendors. Kennedy finished his education from the State University of New York Maritime College and previously he has served as the President of First Advantage’s Background Verification Group. Under David’s leadership, the business grew from $12m to $65m in revenue through organic growth and acquisitions.
The three pillars on which HRsoft stands
The company believes there are three keys that have driven their success: their people, their approach and their technology. HRsoft says they are really in the “people business” and that continues to be the foundation of the company. Their customer service model is unique in the industry known as “i2i Implementations”. The company does not outsource unlike others and their entire business is in house from R&D and implementations to professional services and client success.
They define their second key to be their approach. Their Complete Compensation service allows employers to leverage their largest line item that is, payroll, in a more efficient and effective way. Experts say that it’s not about just buying a module to automate a process, it’s about providing an end-to-end compensation solution that drives efficiency for HR and retention for the organization with both manager and employee facing compensation tools.
SaaS technology has changed a lot in the last few years but HRsoft is leading the way with their award-winning InSITE Technology – their third key to success.  InSITE provides the most secure, scalable and configurable HR SaaS platform on the market which also integrates seamlessly with almost every HRIS provider. They claim that their layered architecture and infrastructure tenancy model are unable to be duplicated by the big box vendors and provides their clients with their own private piece of the cloud that dramatically improves reliability, security and usability.
Great Software. Great People. Your software is fabulous but it’s the people, your people, who make the difference,” said the HR Manager at Ascension Health.
The Way Forward
HRsoft is working on some exciting ideas and the world is soon going to get some amazing HR tools. HRsofts’s core focus is on: the leader of Compensation. The company is growing rapidly because they continue to refine the software to allow their clients to be more efficient with both their time and their budgeted spend.
Additionally, they see opportunities to make the deployment of their software faster and more flexible. Clients’ long-term cloud strategies are firming up and HRsoft is able to align itself completely with the requirements of their clients.

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