How to Successfully Plan an Office Move

Moving or relocating a business can be an incredibly stressful time, particularly if you have never moved a business before and are new to the processes required. There are many different components that all need planning, with some requiring more careful consideration than others. While it can be a unique and often overwhelming process, there are plenty of ways to make it less so, which is where we come in. Below we have detailed a list of methods for successfully planning an office move in the coming months. Grab yourself a drink and a comfortable place to sit, and read on for more!

Starting Small

It can seem cliché, but starting with the smaller details and working your way through to the bigger ones does help make planning a lot easier. This can be said when planning anything in life. Organizing your entire plan in this way will make it more manageable by reducing it into chunks and reduces the risk of you becoming overwhelmed by the tasks that you have at hand. The earlier you begin your plan, the easier it will get overtime, and the less you will have to sort, the closer it gets to your initial moving date.


This is vitally important when planning anything in life, more so when it relates to your business. Ensuring that you have the funds needed to complete an office move or relocation will make the process a lot easier; you won’t be experiencing anxiety about running out of money at any point if you have budgeted enough.

Hiring Contractors

Just because you are planning the office move by yourself does not mean that you have to complete the whole thing by yourself; several different companies provide the services you will require when planning an office move. Businesses like these are there to make the entire process a lot easier; this is their day-to-day job, so allowing them to assist you will pay off. Companies available can include office cleaning, storage units, and office movers.

Whether you are looking for storage units in Ottawa or office movers in Toronto, you have something available. Phillips Moving Company is an example of a company that provides office movers in Toronto, along with a handful of other services – including help with planning an office move. If you are interested in finding out more about the services they provide and how they can assist you in your office move, head to their website for further information!

Regular Meetings

In the run-up to the moving date, make sure to have regular meetings with all parties involved will also help make the process a lot easier. Keeping everyone on the same page will alleviate any problems that might arise and allow you to plan as a team how you will deal with any potential issues in the future. Sitting down with your team regularly ensures a high level of communication at all times, something that is crucial when making a life decision such as this.

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