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How to show your employees you value them at this difficult time

The past six months have been tough for the majority of employees who have been going above and beyond the call of duty, often for no extra money in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. So making sure your employees feel valued and appreciated has never been more important. But what sort of things can you do that will show your employee appreciation without coming across as out of touch and patronizing?

Offer the gift of flexibility

With remote working becoming more commonplace now and studies finding that those working from home can actually increase their productivity quite substantially, consider giving your employees the option to work from home two or three days a week. You might not only find it a popular incentive but that the flexibility it brings to your employees will make them happier and more productive both in and out of the office.

A personal gift

Awarding your employees with a chocolate hamper and a bottle of champagne is a wonderful way to show them you appreciate them, but why not go the extra mile and also get them something uniquely tailored to them? It could be anything from a personalized pen or coffee mug with their favourite office ‘in-joke’ printed on it to a gift card to their favourite restaurant.

Take them out to dinner

Now, obviously with the current ‘rule of six,’ you’ll need to do this in groups (unless there are only six of you on the team, in which case, hurrah) but by simply taking your employees out for a nice meal you could really give them a boost. It will also give them a chance to bond as a team outside of work, which should always be encouraged.

Provide financial and advancement incentives

With the uncertainty current plaguing the world, employees are bound to appreciate it when you let them know their career is progressing. Provide your staff with ample opportunities for advancement and consider bringing in bonuses for those that perform particularly well in a month or have overcome some hardship. Because in the times of COVID, we all like to know that we’re secure in our roles and there’s nothing that says job security more than a promotion!

Just say thank you

It won’t cost you anything and it will mean more than you think. Take the time out of your busy day to take your hardworking employees to one side (while following social distancing, of course) and let them know you appreciate them and what they’ve been doing, focussing on specific areas in which they’ve excelled, if possible. Be kind, be sincere, and be thankful. You’ll be amazed by what a small act of kindness towards your employees can feel like in these current uncertain times

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