How To Make Nutritional Labels Easily and Affordably

As a food producer, chances are, you rely on supply chain management systems to receive the raw goods that go into making your food products, which then need to be broken down into individual portions for consumer consumption.

The packaged portions then need to be calculated for their nutritional value that then needs to be displayed via a nutrition label, which can be entrusted to an outside third party, or you can affordably print them yourself using nutrition label software.

Tips for Label Printing

To print your own nutrition labels, you will first need to ensure your digital label printer can handle mass label production, as well as quick turnarounds, to accommodate high demands.

Your printer should also be capable of producing custom labels because federal regulations, as well as customer demands, are constantly changing for what needs to be included on nutrition labels; this way, you are always ready to meet the demands.

It is also best to use dry toner when printing your labels because it enables you to print high-quality labels that prevent migration and chemical leaks into the package.

It also adheres to packages better, doesn’t require a primer, and provides consistent dot positioning for better resolution and more reliable printing than liquid ink.

What to Think About When Creating the Label

The FDA regulates nutrition fact labels; therefore, you should always study the FDA rules before printing your labels to help ensure they are compliant. Otherwise, the FDA may recall your product, which can be frustrating.

You should also double-check your nutritional facts for accuracy by entering them into a nutritional database, which enables you to input a specific ingredient along with the serving size to find various nutrition facts for the ingredient.

It is also important to consider the product package before printing your nutrition facts, which will help you select the appropriate layout for your labels, such as tall vertical, standard vertical, or horizontal tab.

Choosing a waterproof material for your labels is also important if your goods will be exposed to rough handling or they are refrigerated or frozen products.

How Label Printing Can Help Your Business

Food label printing makes it easier to design and print your own high-quality nutrition labels that both meet your customers’ perceptions and help you stand out from the competition.

It also provides a more affordable option for printing your labels than outsourcing the task to another company.

Printing your own labels also gives you greater control over the look of them for greater customization and confidence.

How to Print Them Affordably

Nutrition facts label software makes it affordable and easy to print smaller print jobs, such as yours. You can also build your own nutrition fact label into your product design or outside packaging if you are a business that also produces its own packages.

Nutrition labels offer yet another way to appeal to customers over the competition. Therefore, rather than just simply viewing them as required by the FDA, view them as another opportunity to attract customers, which will help you both design and incorporate them strategically onto your products for maximum appeal.

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