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How to Make a Twitter Account Handle for Your Business Search Ranking

As of the first quarter of 2019, Twitter had over 338 million active monthly users. This means that Twitter is home to a large and diverse audience for virtually all the brands in the world. Companies that are not using Twitter to advertise their goods and services and share content are missing out on a lot. This is why such companies like Socialsup, which help brands grow their social media following, have made an industry and gain popularity.
Ranking on search engines is perhaps the surest way for businesses to get the publicity that they are looking for online. Publishing great and relatable content on a website, link-building and keyword optimization are the commonest ranking strategies that companies use to push their brand. However, there are so many other ranking strategies that companies can use to reach the top of Search Engine Ranking Pages. For instance, a lot of business owners do not know that they can use social media (particularly Twitter) to rank high on search engines.
Search engines use social signs from social media platforms like Twitter to rank company websites. This means that likes, comments, and retweets can go a long way in improving your website’s SEO. A study by CognitiveSEO concluded that brands with a high number of social signs like shares, comments, and likes rank high on SERPs. This means that businesses that use Twitter the right way can boost their rankings by just posting.
In this blog article, we will be taking a looking at how companies can use their Twitter account to rank high on SERPs.

Optimize Your Twitter Handle and Profile Bio

Optimizing your Twitter handle is important because when people are interested in brands, the first thing they do is check the brand out on social media. This is when they do a Google search for the brand’s social media accounts. If the brand’s Twitter handle is not properly optimized, the business may lose a lot of potential customers. The best way to have a business Twitter handle optimized is to have the brand name be in the Twitter handle.
Twitter users are required to have a profile bio. The profile bio is meant to encapsulate the persona of the person or company that owns the account in 160 characters. Profile bios are also meant to leave a lasting impression on viewers about the company. Business owners can also take advantage of this by optimizing their bios for their niche. Adding niche-related keywords into the bio will make it more indexable for Google, making it easy for your audience to find you.

Use Relevant Hashtags

When used right, hashtags will help the relevant audience reach brands not only on Twitter but also on Google. The key to effectively using hashtags is relevance. Using a hashtag meant to create awareness for a vice like domestic violence should not be used to promote a pizza store. When using hashtags, brands should think from the perspective of their target audience.
Brands can think of hashtags as keywords. Before webmasters find the right keywords to use for an SEO campaign, a lot of research must be done to ensure that the keywords are niche-specific. In the same vein, brands looking to use hashtags to promote their content on Twitter need to do their homework first. Tools like Hashtagify and Twitonomy can be used to help brands find popular hashtags that are specific to their industry. Using 1 to 3 relevant hashtags in every tweet can go a long way in helping brands rank high on the SERPs. However, brands should mix up hashtags now and then. This will help them reach a wider range of people.


Promotion on Twitter is a tested and trusted lead generation and audience growth strategy. The great thing about Twitter ads is that they are designed to help users reach their specific audience. This means that the promotion of Twitter content can help brands rank on the Search Engine Result Pages. There are three ways brands can Twitter ads to promote their businesses.

  • Promote trends: Trending topics appear on the discover tab. Brands can make their trends appear at the top of the trend table. The promoted trend is almost always in the form of a hashtag. Promoting trends is great for brands looking to promote a new product, service, or campaign
  • Promoted Tweets: Brands can get their messages across to Twitter users who do not follow them using promotional tweets. They are just like regular tweets. The only difference is that Twitter adds a promotional tag those tweets to show that it was promoted. Tweet promotion is great for brands that are looking to create awareness.
  • Promoted Accounts: According to Neil Patel, about 85 percent of Twitter users say they find new businesses on the platform through promoted accounts. In other words, account promotion is an effective way for brands to introduce themselves to their target audience on Twitter. Promoted accounts will appear on the ‘who to follow’ section and in search results.

While promotion is a great strategy to improve search rankings, relying solely on it for engagement is not cost-effective. Brands can support this strategy by adding targeted keywords to their content so that Google can recognize it.


Brands should never make the mistake of thinking that social media is isolated from search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing use the information provided on social media platforms like Twitter to determine rankings on the SERPs.

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