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How to Let Your Employer Know that You Can’t Relocate for the Job?

Relocation is one of the most common scenarios that most of the employee can face any time in their Job. In such scenarios, while your company is shifting to a new destination or the division is shifting, you might be offered a chance to relocate. The first thing that strikes you is the tedious relocation job, the need for moving checklist (download one at ) and the search for a reliable moving company to make it easier for you.

Sometimes, moving to a new destination can provide you a lot of opportunities towards achieving your goals in life. On the contrary, sometimes it can harm your whole career instead! It often happens with many people when they can’t be able to relocate to a different place for their Job due to some unavoidable circumstances. 

So, can you lose your Job for not be able to relocate yourself to the new workplace? Yes, unfortunately, in some cases, you can lose your Job despite having a lot of potential in you. However, sometimes a fair and logical communication with the management can prevent such big losses. Well, today in this article, we will let you know about some really effective tips while saying “no” to a relocation that you can check out for sure!

Have You Finished Up Thinking Other Alternatives?

Making up your mind and discussing with your family has utmost importance while taking the final decision for a relocation. If you have no other alternatives rather than staying to the current location, you have to say ‘no’ to a relocation. Therefore, you must stop thinking of the other alternatives and make yourself ready not to move from the present location.

Don’t Waste Much Time in Letting them Know Your Decision!

Once you made up your mind, it is important to let your employer know that you’re not willing to relocate to a new destination. Here in such circumstances, it is better to not waste much time as the relocation can be vital for the business perspective of your organization. Therefore, taking much time to let them know your final decision can harm your organization too!

Try Communicating Effectively

While you know that not relocating can adversely impact you, you must try to explain yourself to the employer. If you are working with the same organization for a long time, there is a high probability that the management can understand your situation. Therefore, you must try to communicate effectively with the management to let them know about the situation. A fair and logical discussion with the employer can create a favourable situation for you.

Let The Management Know the Reasons

A simple “no” can’t help much to satisfy the management. You must know them the logical reasons for not able to relocate to the new place of work. Therefore, even letting them know if you have no ways to uproot your family or have some responsibilities towards some of your aged family members can positively help you.

Remind Your Positive Points

Even knowing the fact that you are not relocating, you must carefully remind your potential to the management. You can also remind them of your contributions to the company’s growth process since you joined the organization. Apart from that, make them realize that you have no plans for leaving the organization in any manner. Instead, you are still readily available to contribute to the organization’s growth process with full of your efforts and determinations.

Suggesting A Few Alternatives can Help!

In order to shade your inabilities, you can suggest a few suitable alternatives to the management. For instance, you can offer yourself a few other responsibilities, or you can make yourself available for traveling more often. These courses of action can make the environment a bit easier for you. There is a possibility that your management can realize that you still hold enough dedication towards the organization’s betterment. 

Be Ready for Every Possible Outcome

If you have tried your best to let your employer know that you can’t be able to relocate under any circumstances, now you need to wait for their decision. You have to be ready for every possible outcome to accept. Always keep in mind that taking the ultimate decision is the part of the employer and not yours.

Therefore, it is better to wait for their decision. However, being ready for every possible outcome can help the management to understand your steady stand. And there is a chance that you would be offered other alternatives rather than moving to a new place of work. 


Well, you can’t take the ultimate decision whether the business relocation is needed for the organization or not. They have to relocate because of the current market conditions or any other reasons.

However, you have every right to take your own decision in relocating yourself. It can’t be denied that getting relocated is a major choice for any person under any circumstances. So, if you have to say ‘no’ to the relocation, it is better to consider the tips mentioned above to get the best benefits out of it!