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How to build efficient online customer support for online shopping app?

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Efficient customer support is the backbone of any business. Today, when all the companies are going online, a customer support team’s requirement is even more.
Though the online services offer convenience to the customers, the customers miss the tangible or visible customer service. Hence, most customers prefer to have an online service with a good or reliable customer support team. 
Let’s start with basics. Every popular website and mobile app are including numerous features like one-click call, live chat, email, call back etc. You can choose them all, or only required for your business one. But all of them should have a live person behind. It’s easy to find the team for the app development, moreover when you can rely on the details shared in the article on how  to create a shopping app from RiseApps. But it’s hard to get the live person with needed skills behind. 
Thus, while looking for the developers to create a shopping up or launch your retail website, you should also research how to run customer support for your business right. 
If the question is about building efficient online customer support, here are some of tips to follow:

24×7 Customer Support

The convenience of online shopping has allowed customers to shop from their houses’ comfort even at night. So, when someone is shopping at night, customer support should be available for help. After all, there can be an issue related to payments, products availability or any other. 
Customers who remain busy throughout the day get time after the sunset for shopping and other activities. They will prefer to go for an online service that offers 24×7 customer support only. Hence, today, it is ideal to acquire a 24×7 customer support system in such a case. 

Live Chat

If the customer has received a defective piece, the customer will email the image to show the defect. It may take some time for the customer support to check the email and reply to it. This can be a long process where the customer will check email and then revert to it. This task can be sped up with the help of the live chat option on the website or in your app. 
Instead of email, the customer can have a chat with the experts. This way, they can instantly share the images and get a resolution to their issue. Also, a proper conversation can lead to a suitable solution to the problem. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to solve these issues via email. 
Most customers look for such an instant solution today. Thus, a live chat is one of the best options for efficient customer support today. 

AI Technology

The growing demand for online shopping has increased the tasks customer support handles each day. Integration of Artificial Intelligence is one of the best options in such a case. 
With the help of AI technology, the chatbots can have a conversation with your customers. And as soon as the customer support agent gets free from the previous discussion, the AI transfers the conversation to the consumer care professional. Also, it hands over the agent with all the necessary information collected from the customer during an AI-powered chat conversation. 

Call-backs to save your customer’s time 

Renowned shopping applications such as Amazon have a system where the customers can request a callback. So, the customers do not have to call customer support and wait for the customer care agent to get free. 
Callback is a very popular feature for retail websites and applications. The customers can activate the callback feature with just a click or two. So, once there is an agent available he or she will handle the request and call the customer. Moreover, it’s possible to set a convenient time for callbacks, so your client won’t be interrupted while driving, bathing, working or anything else.  

Things to know about efficient customer support

When launching an online business, you shouldn’t forget about the human factor. Customer support teams are also employees and they need not only to possess hard skills of care agents but also have soft skills in the pocket.
The app or the website developer will offer you all the required customer support features, but you need to look out for some other things too, such as:

  • The hiring of customer care agents or team leaders who have knowledge and expertise in excellent customer handling,
  • Training the customer support team with the latest features that you are integrating into the app and your website,
  • Letting the customers know that you have all these customer support features in the app or website. 

Any business may go for a toss in the absence of efficient customer support. It is critical to have a customer support team that is well-trained and well-skilled. But at the same time, you also need to have some of the innovative and modern-day customer support features in your app or website to make the customers feel that they are shopping in a reliable place. Building efficient customer support helps in easing out the process and helps enhance the reputation of the business. 

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