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How to Balance Studies and Sports as a Student-Athlete: 7 Best Strategies

Student-athletes deal with a more hectic academic schedule than typical college students.

By the time their peers walk into class in the morning, student-athletes have been to the track to run three miles and made time to get ready for class.
As if joining college is not enough pressure, as a student-athlete, you will have to create a schedule that balances your school work and sportsmanship. During your first year on campus, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Below are seven strategies that will help you to achieve success in sports and study.
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Always remember why you are doing what you are doing. Whether or not you intend to go pro in the sport you are playing, always remember that your academics come first.
If your goal is to become a professional athlete, bear in mind that you must maintain a certain GPA to stay on the school team. Failing will jeopardize your pro player dreams, so you better prioritize your studies.
The truth is, life can change your plans faster than you think. Your college degree is a good backup plan, no matter how good an athlete you are. Should anything go wrong, you can always fall back on the profession you chose.
Manage Your Time Wisely
How much time student have is not as important as how you spend it. Since you are adding an important activity (sport) onto your academic schedule, you will have to sacrifice some activities. Trying to do it all will get you fatigued.
Have a clear schedule that allocates enough time for all the important activities. Make sure that student are spending more time on your priorities, but also allocating enough time for other things like self-care.
Do not forget to leave some free time for yourself. Enjoying your free time is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Minimize Distractions
Your time is already at a premium due to your demanding schedule. The last thing you need is to scroll endlessly down your newsfeed liking and retweeting pictures of poodles. So that you are not tempted to eat into your study time, put your phone on silent and set it aside. If your roommate is a distraction, get a quiet spot in the library where you can focus.
Balance Studies and Sports
According to the Sleep Foundation, adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night regularly to perform optimally during the day. For a college student trying to balance studies and sports, sleep deprivation is very likely.
You should set aside enough time to sleep. Minimize distractions in the evening and have a relaxing routine before bed. It will help you to wind down and sleep as much as you should.
Food fuels your brain and body. Having a healthy, balanced diet ensures that you are capable of meeting the demands of your schedule. No matter how busy you are, you should always set aside some time for your meals.
A nutritionally-dense breakfast improves academic and athletic performance. Eating high-fiber foods that are low in sugar keeps you full for longer. Taking enough water throughout the day guarantees a healthy digestive system.
Ask for Help
Feeling overwhelmed? Do not hesitate to ask for help from classmates, academic counselors, family, and friends. Your classmates can help you stay on track in school by sharing their notes and class information.
You can have study sessions and discussions together. Furthermore, paying an essay writing service for writing help can relieve your heavy workload. Your academic counselor can give insight on selecting the right major and getting the most out of your classes.
There is a lot of pressure to perform on and off the pitch. Do not always strive for perfection. Instead, take some time to enjoy your college experience. As a young person figuring out how to survive the adult world, you should always remember that you cannot do it all. You need time to decompress and relieve the stress that comes with a busy schedule.
Final Take
As a student-athlete, you will have a very demanding schedule. To balance sports and academics, you must prioritize self-care, time management, and minimize distraction. It is okay to get help from those around you. Every once in a while, you should take a break from everything and de-stress. By following these steps, you will create a manageable schedule for yourself.

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