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How Technology Is Transforming Businesses in the Entertainment Industry

There are very few parts of life that have not been affected by the world of technology over the past couple of years. The impact these devices and developments have had have just been too significant to overlook. Although plenty of people, businesses, and organizations would rather do things a more old-fashioned way, you will often find you don’t have a choice. Not accepting the current need for technology will leave you behind the curve in terms of development and success. This is why every business will have to get used to using technology.

The entertainment industry is definitely one that has been hit hard by the influx of technology. You will now find that there are so many businesses around the world that have completely changed in order to keep up with the tech wave. Learning about all of these new devices and methods can be challenging. However, there is no doubt that this transformation can be beneficial at times. So what are the key areas in which technology is transforming businesses in the entertainment industry?

Remote Entertainment

First of all, there is now so much potential for remote entertainment. Only a couple of decades ago, the only remote entertainment you could have was the likes of a book that you take with you when you travel. Now, you can almost literally have the whole world at your fingertips within an instant. There are so many ways you can use technology to entertain yourself from any part of the world, almost to the point where you should never be bored again. A really good example of this would beTV show and movie streaming services like Netflix and mobile games; smartphone users essentially have a library of games wherever they go, thanks to mobile game technology.

Popular mobile game genres include puzzles like Worldle and sudoku and faster-paced action games like Battle Royale titles and strategy games. Other super popular mobile genres include casino games – especially the live versions that have become increasingly favored in recent years, which is thanks to technology. For example, Spin Casino live casino utilizes the latest tech within its live games to enable players to have that real casino feel, all from the comfort of their own homes or when they’re on the go.


For businesses that run entertainment events and shows, the ticketing process is now massively different from what it once was. It used to be the case that based on the venue and event, so many tickets would be printed and distributed. However, now everything is online. You might even find that a lot of businesses won’t make physical tickets. Scanning a barcode on your phone is the new normal, and it has been a big difference. Although, there are definitely some positive sides to this change.

Organization & Communication

For the sake of organization and communication, there is no doubt that tech has helped in a lot of ways. If you need to get a late notice out to your consumers, then using email or notifications is an easy way to do this. If you need to give live updates on availability, then it is also easy to do this. Your phone is not going to be ringing as much as booking and queries can be made online. So it definitely saves a lot of stress for people in the entertainment field.