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How Small Businesses Can Earn E-Commerce Success Via SEO

Finding success in the digital realm can be a tricky goal to reach, almost like an impossible dream. Small businesses especially know that gaining viewership and, eventually, consumers, online can be challenging, mainly because of the ever-present obstacle of trying to figure out where to start. Where can they start?
SEO is a great start!

Why SEO?

Understanding algorithms can be tricky. Search engines, such as Google, use algorithms to help determine a site’s ranking. For example, if users are flocking towards a brand-name company rather than a mom-and-pop company, then Brand-Name is more visible to users than Mom-and-Pop. So, how can Mom-and-Pop turn the tables, so that the algorithm ranks them high?
A small business must take these factors into consideration, in order to increase its rankings and viewership on the Internet.


Search engines will rank a site based on keywords.
What is popular right now? What do consumers like and dislike? If it’s something that consumers like, what keywords support it? If users gravitate to a specific word or phrase, then it’s a must-have.
However, choose your keywords wisely; don’t ever click-bait to users. Click-baiting is a tempting method where a site would suggest something normally shocking or overly-exciting gain more viewership. However, this method can lead to dissatisfaction from users/consumers, and cause them to distrust the site, thus decreasing viewership, clicks, etc.
The best way to use keywords and not disappoint users is to be creative and honest about it.
Google Analytics


Keywords are important to consider; however, keywords are useless without the content. Content acts as an extra layer to keywords, so that they are more visible in search results because the main idea is to draw more users to your site. Therefore, this is the “front gate” of a company’s website, because it answers the questions: What services are going to be provided? And why should consumers care?
Start by writing a post to get the ball rolling. Imagine if you were presenting to a group of people: What would you say and do?
Writing incredible content is a good start; however, images, pictures, and graphics give it a better flavor!
Content writing


Performance is the most determining factor for a website because it allows a small business to see what factors are thriving, and what factors need concern.
When a factor is thriving, use that to determine how they can run the site from then on; just try not to over-use it.
When a factor raises concern, however, find a way to either improve this area or discontinue it temporarily or indefinitely. There’s nothing wrong with making changes to a site if it means doing so for the better.
Therefore, make sure you’re using targeted keywords, eye-catching images, and proper links to attract consumers. Also, look into the metadata, the heart of a site, since it houses the analytics. So, look into the numbers and take advantage of the changes and trends.
Organic and Paid Search
Organic search, along with paid search, is a good way to generate clicks. Even though you might be starting off with your site, there has to be a way to get views, right?
Paid search tools like AdWords and Facebook Ads are used to create paid search campaigns, along with the organic traffic that is already trickling in. Be aware though, that this will take time and a good budget to achieve this; but the campaigns will be worth it, as long as you get the word out.

Social Media

Many companies utilize the power of social media to attract more people to their sites. Think of it like going to a party or convention, and introducing yourself to people. Also, think of this as handing someone a virtual business card. Overall, social media is more than just for personal use. Create a social media page that leads to your site. And whatever social media site gets you many views and clicks, use it.

Getting Reviews

Now that you’ve got people interested, it’s time for their feedback. Now, don’t panic. Sometimes, you’ll get good feedback on what service/product was very good. And sometimes, you’ll get critical feedback that lets you know what to improve on.
But at the end of the day, you need reviews. Reviews from places like Yelp and tell people how reputable you are; and the more positive reviews you have, the more people will flock to the site for consideration. It also doesn’t hurt to link these positive reviews onto your site, so that users wouldn’t have to manually search for reviews of your business.
SEO is all about knowing what works and what doesn’t work on your site so that its ranking can improve in the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. This all may seem challenging at first, but the main goal here to do something. Even if you start small, it’ll all be worth it.
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