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How One Can Be a Tech-Titan?

What makes a titan? How one can become a titan who would change the world? How do titans think? Are the questions one would ask himself after witnessing an exponential rise of tech-titans in the recent decades. Well, a titan can be someone who has achieved tremendous success in short time? Yeah, sure, but what else defines a titan?
It should be one who has grown his company at a remarkable speed in an ever changing environment and against strong competitors rising every day. It’s not only about the fastest chip, the best customer service, the most powerful marketing, or the best code, but also it’s about management. The person who is behind the logo, the executive who hired the great programmers, the president who understood the market swing and still took the necessary steps to move forward and made to the peak. There are some common traits found in all tech-titans who changed the world for the better good.
Dream It, Believe It, Do It
Before one gets started on fulfilling his vision, one should remember that the beginning is always the most difficult and challenging. He would not be as focused as he should be at the first, but when he sees it, he has to believe it. That’s what tech-titans have done all these years. Seeing it is as important as making it possible. Once he has seen it, believing it is the next important part. Without his belief in his dream, he can never move towards the journey.
The Best Successors are the Partners
No one can be a leader for forever. The best way to make sure that the legacy lives on and prospers is to ally oneself with his successor. He can establish a true partnership by working closely with someone he trusts, where one of them fills in what the other can’t accomplish alone. He can achieve balance, and in time his successor will know instinctively how he would react to certain issues, and execute missions based on the ideals upon which he built the company.
Be an Agent of Change
The number one rule to remember when taking on a new challenge is to hit the ball across the stadium. When one enters into a firm that is in need, not only of just new leadership, but also a new direction, the employees will be looking to him for guidance. In times of steep competition, chances are his recently acquired workforce would be scared to move ahead and take chances. That’s when he need to be sure of his leadership quality. He will need to show unwavering bravery and vision. One way or the other he will need to LEAD.
Of course, It’s the Brand
No matter what the business idea is, if one is unable to make it a brand, then the chances of his success are less than a few. It’s clear as a crystal that, customers believe in the brand and not the product. One should be focusing on making the company brand when establishing the product in the market. Because when product is not up to the mark, brand is the only thing that would save the company.
Part Shaman, Part Soothsayer
The thing about the tech-titans is they know when they need to be businessmen and when they need to be a compass. Making sure that one is there when his employees are in need of him, will only help in increasing their trust in him. By being a man of the situation, one can literally win hearts in the organization. Being Part Shaman, Part Soothsayer is a very good option in times of employee’ needs.
Being Creative is not an Option
Sometimes the only thing that stands between him and the client is the creative solution. One needs to be a creative when all other options are vanished or being a creative in the first place is the best tactic to follow when one is going after a big deal. Being creative is not an option anymore, when the world is witnessing thousands of ideas popping into the market everyday.
Sharing the Power with People
The last but not the least on the list is to share the power one has with the people surrounded him. The world is not new to this simple but old concept that is when one shares the power he has, it only increases the power within him. Sharing the power with the people will not only increase his power, but also will help him in making his stand in the world with the people beside him.
The world will be witnessing more and more tech-titans in the coming centuries, and it will only help mankind in making a better world. But the basic foundation of all the tech-titans will remain the same no matter what field they would choose. An only way we have to find out is to witness the rise of tech-titans along with the betterment of the universe.