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How Much Winter Heat Retention do Wooden Shutters Provide?

If you are looking to boost the energy efficiency of your home this winter, look no further than your windows and doors. This is where the overwhelming majority of heat escapes the home, amounting to money literally flying out of the window.
Consequently, anything you can do to retain more of this heat only stands to benefit your home and your wallet. Heavy curtains and conventional window coverings can help, but research suggests that nothing provides better heat retention than quality window shutters.
In particular, the very best wooden shutters that are fitted with pinpoint precision can make the biggest difference of all.
How Energy Efficient Are Window Shutters?
The energy efficiency of window shutters will always vary significantly from one room to the next. There are various factors that can affect how much heat the shutters retain and their contribution to keeping cold air at bay.
Most prominently, the main material the shutters are constructed of will determine their energy efficiency. The precision of their installation will also make a difference, ensuring no gaps are left around the opening.
This is also why it is essential to choose made to measure shutters, which are designed from scratch to suit your home’s unique windows and doors.
Guidelines published by the UK government suggest that, on average, 30% of household heat exits through windows. Or, to put it another way, 30% of the money you spend on heating your home is wasted.
Simply by stepping up to higher-quality window coverings, this energy loss could be reduced significantly; research from English Heritage found that depending on the property type, quality wooden window shutters can reduce heat loss by almost 60%.
How Do Window Shutters Compare with Other Window Coverings?
Anything that puts a physical barrier between you and the outdoors can only support the cause. Put to the test by way of efficiency, the study conducted by English Heritage showed shutters to be the clear winner.
Here is how a range of popular window coverings can boost energy efficiency by reducing heat loss when fitted professionally for maximum efficiency.

  • Plain roller blinds – an approximate reduction in energy loss of 38%
  • Heavy curtains – an approximate reduction in energy loss of 41%
  • Honeycomb blinds – an approximate reduction in energy loss of 51%
  • Well-fitted shutters – an approximate reduction in energy loss of 58%

There is also the option of combining window coverings for even greater energy efficiency. Some like to pair elegant plantation shutters with heavy curtains, ensuring even more warm air is preserved within the home.
Why Do Wooden Plantation Shutters Outperform Others?
Window shutters are available in a wide variety of materials, ranging from uPVC to aluminium to hard and softwoods. But of all the materials available, none bring the same year-round energy efficiency into the home as wooden shutters.
This is due to the fundamental properties of the wood, which is naturally a fantastic insulator. Wood has been used for millennia to protect households and their belongings from the elements outdoors, and it also has the potential to last a lifetime when manufactured and fitted with care and attention.
Nothing beats wooden plantation shutters as a long-term investment in the warmth, comfort and energy efficiency of your home. All with the added bonus of enhanced curb appeal if and when the time comes to list your home for sale.
An Effective Year-Round Solution
The benefits of wooden shutters really come into their own during the winter. When looking to keep the cold weather outdoors at bay, nothing gets the job done better.
But there are also significant advantages to having wooden plantation shutters installed at home throughout the year. In the summer, the insulating properties of the wood can help keep your interiors cool. Particularly where windows are exposed to direct sunlight, wooden shutters can be just the thing for staying cool and comfortable; precisely why wooden shutters have been a common feature in homes in warmer parts of the world for centuries.
Along with looking at the part and keeping your interiors comfortable, wooden shutters can also boost home security. Premium non-wood composite PVC shutters are made from stainless steel reinforced cellular PVC material called Versatex that unlike wood and other wood composites will not rot, split, deteriorate, or warp. These shutters create an additional barrier between your home and the outdoors, which could be just the thing to deter would-be intruders.
All from a beautifully designed and meticulously installed window covering manufactured from scratch to suit your exact requirements.
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If you would like to discuss the potential benefits of wooden window shutters in more detail, contact a member of the Riverside team today. We would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free home design visit, during which we will guide you through the options available.
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How Much Winter Heat Retention do Wooden Shutters Provide?
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