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How is NextGen Transforming Ambulatory Care?

Hospitals are centralized places where diagnosis, treatment, and patient care are provided. Each hospital has many departments and works for both in-patients and out-patients. Ambulatory care is a term that refers to the management of out-patients within a clinic. It includes registration, appointment scheduling, diagnosis, consultations, treatment, follow-up, and lab procedures. With the load on ambulatory care increasing daily, a software solution is required that gives you a comprehensive solution to manage mundane tasks. NextGen EMR software and Practice Fusion EMR software both enable practice management and electronic medical record management. This article presents their features and comparison for ambulatory care.

NextGen EMR Software Features

NextGen software is award-winning patient care and practice management software provided by NXGN Management. It is a comprehensive solution and provides business intelligence, reporting, and integrated telehealth in addition to EMR management. Some of the features of NextGen software are given below:

Quality Reporting

NextGen software ensures quality and reliable reporting for you. It is easy to use and does not disturb system performance. It is easy to meet regulatory requirements as well as generate analytics and support you in decision making. The reports include automatically generated and visually appealing graphs and charts.


The software is scalable and supports peak load. Cloud integrated solution provides you with a fault-tolerant system that is available under peak load. This is a powerful feature that ensures productivity and service in times of emergency and a high number of patients. Scalability is automatically handled by the system, and you get reliable software that doesn’t crash under load. This software is suitable for clinics, departments, and large hospitals due to its enhanced scalability.

Streamlined Workflow Management

NextGen EMR software is designed and developed as a specialized practice management solution for hospitals and clinics. All the workflows, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, treatment and diagnosis record, lab procedures, history of visits, and billing, are handled through this software. The software is integrated with medical insurance services as well as credit card services and facilitates patient treatment payments.

Integrated Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a desirable feature for all practice management software. It starts by providing a communication channel between the medical practitioners and patients in all medical departments. Communication channels include messaging and audio and video call, thus enabling telehealth for your hospital. The messages are secured and are end-to-end encrypted, thus providing privacy and maintaining the trust of patients in your hospital.

Interoperability and Sharing

Interoperability support lets you share EMR with partners for better care and facility. NextGen EMR software enables third-party software support so that your product can be integrated with your partner’s products. Cloud-based solution makes it easy for you to share information and data while maintaining trust.

Mobile Support

The out-patients can communicate with medical staff and doctors through their mobile phones as well as use their mobile phones to register, schedule appointments, get treatment and results of lab procedures, as well as pay medical bills. The mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS systems, thus increasing your customer base. The apps are secured and do not cause harm to your customer’s smartphones, and they respect their privacy.

Technical Services

With NextGen EMR, you get 24/7 technical support from dedicated staff. All you have to do is make a call or send in a message, and someone will respond to you asap.

Practice Fusion EMR features

Practice Fusion EMR is the largest EHR software in the US which supports up to 30,000 medical facilities and provides healthcare services to 5 million patients. Some features of Practice Fusion EMR software are discussed below:

Medical Charting

Practice Fusion provides medical charting and notes recording functionality. It is easy for a practitioner to write notes and view medical history in the form of charts.

Prescription Management

Practice Fusion EMR enables prescription management and is suitable for patient health tracking as well as inventory management, and is compliant with regulatory requirements. The prescriptions are generated and can be shared with the patient as well as the pharmacy through electronic means. This provides a patient with a lot of ease, and treatment can start in minimal time. Prescriptions are personalized, and medicine can be delivered to a patient’s doorstep if required.


Practice Fusion is integrated with billing support and generates bills automatically based on the treatment and procedure performed on a patient. The system is integrated with insurance claims services for ease of payment. Bills are dispatched electronically through email, and messages and reminders are also sent automatically. Billing state and outstanding bills information is easily generated for

Imaging and Scanning Integration

Images and scanning are integrated with the software, and documents can be scanned and uploaded to the system. This allows legacy documents to be integrated with the system. The images and scans can be taken through mobile devices as well.

Medical Records Access and Maintenance

Medical records can be easily accessed and shared with the concerned users, easily through Practice Fusion EMR. The access is fast, and records are shared quickly, which helps in saving time in looking up the right records. The medical records are maintained, and backups are taken regularly to ensure recovery in case of a failure.

NextGen vs. Practice Fusion

While each software provides EMR management and practice management for your clinics, NextGen is focused on ambulatory care. As compared to in-patients, there are a much larger number of out-patients in a hospital. Managing out-patients require a lot of staff. Hospitals are unable to cope with the increasing number of patients and require scalable solutions. NextGen, while providing all practice management features, offers greater scalability for your hospital. The system is reliable and provides services even under peak load. This keeps your hospital available and reliable while increasing ROI. Telehealth and mobile phone support enable remote patient care, diagnosis, treatment, and billing.

Our Take

Based on the features, our take is on NextGen EMR software for its higher scalability, quality reporting, interoperability, and telehealth features.