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How Has Corona Affected the Home Improvement Industry?

corona and Home Improvement Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. While many businesses crumbled under the economic strain of lockdown, others flourished. The home improvement industry has seen a particular boost in demand.
So, how has Corona affected the home improvement industry? Here, we’ll look at the impact the lockdown had on the DIY sector.
The UK sees an almost 50% rise in online home improvement sales
At the very start of the lockdown, the UK saw almost a 50% rise in online home improvement sales. This was in comparison to the year before.
As the lockdown started to ease, home improvement businesses were some of the first to re-open. Customers flocked to DIY stores to stock up on tools and equipment to improve their homes and gardens.
This is in stark contrast to homeowners in America, where home improvement sales actually dropped. US citizens are more concerned with the state of the economy, holding back on spending money they don’t need to.
The social distancing factor
There are a number of factors that contributed to the increase in home improvement sales. One of them was social distancing rules. With families unable to see each other and tight restrictions on leaving their house, people were left with very little to entertain themselves. Carrying out home improvements also provided a welcome distraction from all that was going on.
Home improvement was seen as a way to both pass the time and improve the home. After all, when you are spending a lot more time in the home, it’s natural you’re going to start looking at ways to improve the environment.
Could the boom aid in the fight against global warming?
Interestingly, the rise in home improvements could also benefit the environment. We saw during the lockdown, the benefit it had on the environment due to reduced pollution levels. Consumers have started to make more sustainable choices when they carry out DIY tasks around the home.
For example, many homeowners have been choosing more energy-efficient boilers. Others have been looking at having solar panels installed, as well as creating wildlife gardens.
As people were left with a lot more time on their hands during the pandemic, it’s unsurprising home improvement sales rose significantly. However, as the economy is now in recession, it is likely the sales will start to decline. This will unlikely have much impact on the sector given how much it rose throughout the first half of 2020.

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