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How Does the Fortinet Firewall Work?

Is Fortinet a Good Firewall?

Fortinet firewalls offer strong security and are some of the most sought-after firewalls among vendors, especially for enterprises, because of their advanced security features that guard your system from a wider selection of threats than other solutions. Gartner has named Fortinet as one of the top three enterprise leaders in firewalls.

A Fortinet firewall in China can be a powerful tool when doing business in China or with someone within the country. A firewall in China can be useful in ensuring you have a private connection others cannot spy on.

How Does the Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Work?

FortiGate works as a frontline defense against security threats of all sorts because it leverages multiple detection methods at once. Some firewalls merely examine data packet headers.
The header of a packet of data contains basic information regarding its source and destination, similar to the tracking number on a package sent by certified mail. You can see where the data originated, where it went immediately after it left, where it is headed, and the steps it took to get there. Threats often come from sources that have been logged by firewalls as part of their threat detection systems. If a data packet’s header information makes it likely that what is inside is a threat, a firewall can get rid of the data to protect your system.
While header inspection can detect certain threats, deeper packet inspection can reveal more information. FortiGate uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to look beyond the header information and into the contents of the data packet itself. If a threat is detected, the packet can be automatically discarded, protecting your network.
FortiGate also uses machine learning to detect threats that are totally new to the threat landscape. It protects your system by analyzing incoming traffic for patterns. After it recognizes a safe pattern, it can check other communications and their data to see if they align with the same safe pattern of behavior. If activity violates the pattern, FortiGate can discard the data. This is particularly useful when attempting to stop new threats because a novel threat is less likely to have been studied by a threat intel system. However, because the threat’s behavior may flag it as unsafe, FortiGate’s machine learning system can still catch it.
Further, as threat behaviors change, the machine learning algorithms can account for these differences. In this way, a larger list of safe or unsafe patterns is maintained by the protection system. Over time, machine learning helps the threat detection system get more sophisticated as it learns the threat landscape and adapts its protective measures accordingly.

How To Access Fortinet FortiGate Firewall from China

Fortinet firewall protection is particularly useful in China. A Fortinet firewall in China can prevent the state-sponsored or rogue hackers from eavesdropping on your communications. Fortinet China has even teamed up with leading educational institutions to allow students to access their classes through a secure remote connection. A firewall in China protects students, business people, and casual users from having their security compromised either while visiting the country or communicating online from outside the country.
To set up FortiGate in China: 

  1. You first have to install the Fortinet VPN tool on one of the following operating systems: Windows 32, Windows, macOS, Apple, or Android. 
  2. After installing the application, you have to go to the Start menu or double-click the icon for the virtual private network (VPN). 
  3. You then choose “SSL-VPN,” name the connection, and enter a local Internet Protocol (IP) address, such as one for Shanghai,

Advantage of Using the Fortinet FortiGate Firewall

FortiGate and FortiGuard are built with security processors that work to provide top-notch threat detection and protection for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. With a typical firewall, the amount of data analyzed is limited by a relatively slow processor. In many cases, the internet speed is far greater than what the firewall can handle. 
As a solution, Fortinet uses dedicated processors capable of analyzing large amounts of data instantly. This prevents bottlenecks of data at the firewall, allowing data to pass through with little to no hindrance—and threat-free.
Not only do you get DPI and machine learning with FortiGate, but FortiGate also integrates with FortiSandbox, enabling it to automatically contain threats to prevent them from spreading to other areas of the network. Once contained in a sandboxed environment, a threat can be studied by the IT team to gain insights into its behavior. These can be used to better protect the system from other threats down the road.
A Fortinet firewall, therefore, can protect your devices without negatively impacting the end-user’s experience. Fortinet can also stop a variety of attacks from Chinese hackers by providing a strong firewall in China. The Fortinet firewall in China, particularly FortiGate, can be used to set up a VPN between users to provide them with secure, safe communications.

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall—The Ultimate Threat Protection for Enterprises

Fortinet firewall protection is the ultimate choice for every business out there looking for protection from a number of security threats. Fortinet provides businesses with the ability to inspect every packet of data entering their network. The firewall can then get rid of dangerous data before it enters the network. Furthermore, FortiGate can inspect the data attempting to exit your network as well. This is helpful in the event a threat actor is inside your network and trying to use it to infect other networks or computers. When the malicious software is detected, the data is stopped in its tracks, whether it is on the outside or already inside your network.
Some security threats can disguise themselves to bypass many firewalls, but FortiGate can still catch them by inspecting the contents of each data packet. While this is a processor-heavy procedure, FortiGate’s dedicated processors can handle large influxes of data without slowing down network performance for the user.
Ultimate Threat Protection for Enterprises

The Fortinet firewall is especially useful in China, where Chinese threat actors can significantly impact the safety of your business’s operations. With a Fortinet firewall in China, you can earn a reputation as a safe business partner that protects clients from hackers and other threats while in China. Fortinet China has been leading the way in creating safe online environments for everyone, from university students to business people living in China to those passing through for a brief business trip. A firewall in China provides users with a secure online experience while simultaneously boosting privacy.

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