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How CouponX is Successful as a Startup in 2 Years

Becoming a top name in any industry just under five years is a feat only counted few businesses can boast of. Surprisingly, CouponX accomplished this fantastic position in only two years!
Presently, CouponX is the largest database of the world’s biggest collection of online shopping stores. With discounts, deals, coupons, and every other imaginable deal you can think of, CouponX is available all over the globe featuring online stores and shops from every corner of the world.
Want a coupon from a store you have been eyeing for quite some while? Check CouponX! Want to save some major bucks on an otherwise over expensive product that demands you to go out a limb? CouponX to the rescue! From jewelry to healthcare, home appliances to recreational stores, virtual deals, and promotions, CouponX has a network that delivers every product available!
But how did this relatively new startup skyrocket so fast? It is not every day that a business takes off in mere 24 months, right? But the best explanation is that serving quality leads to the best outcomes.
Here are is how CouponX made its distinctive presence evident in the online coupons’ world: –

CouponX collaborations

How CouponX is Successful as a Startup in 2 Years
Teamwork makes the dreamwork! CouponX was quick to understand the importance of collaborations, teaming up with stores, and how the maximum number of stores can increase the website’s own worth.
Collaborating with stores dealing with all kinds of products has helped them cater to a broad audience base. They deal with stores for electronics, pet care products, gym equipments, apparel, fashion, CBD products, accessories, and also digital products. As they collaborated with 1500+ stores, an audience around the globe was able to access all they needed from their online shopping experience. Hence, leading to the credibility build-up for CouponX.

Traffic generation

Traffic is the key to any online business! A business cannot expect to be an industry leader if it does not use basic strategies for traffic generation. Leads, inquiries, and audiences are what will transform an online business for good. And presently, CouponX is leading the coupon business with its best of over 200k monthly traffic.
The necessary steps for the best traffic turnover are to understand the audience. CouponX understands this on an individual level and churns out deals as fit for the day. As the public comprehends that they can get the best seasonal deals at CouponX, of course, they will head for that direction.
Social media marketing, SEO, and audience engagement are what helped the most with traffic generation. Impressively, CouponX’s traffic is increasing by 150% every month!

Email subscription

Another key point that helped CouponX turn from a mere startup to a fully bloomed and successful store is their five (5) Million email subscriptions! Which all long-established stores
can show off such an impressive email subscription count?
A fully consented contact information or email, when provided by the website visitor, opens a new door for the business to create a lucrative lead. And it is an understatement to think of 5 million email subscriptions just as a lead generating step.
Email subscriptions can help promote the best deals and coupons, along with directing leads to a website or social media posts for lead generation, which eventually can be nurtured by sales for a successful payment cycle. A well-connected customer base united using emails helped skyrocket the popularity of CouponX.

Redeemed coupons

The ultimate meter to check the success of any business is by analyzing its sales, and CouponX has reached quite sales feats per the same meter. The leading coupon store is now a proud business from where 700K coupons are redeemed every month!
Spread over all their discounts dealing with coupons for Amazon, HomeDepot, Target, Walmart, and other major retail chains, CouponX managed to make a firm customer base that relies on their codes and coupons for their every online shopping trip. They also work with eBay, iHerb, BestBuy, Macy’s, and other popular stores that turn over a significant turnover each day. This, in turn, reflects over the success of CouponX.
You can find deals with even 80% off on furniture, and sure all customers do take advantage of this every month and add to the count of CouponX’s monthly code redemption.

Yearly revenue

Considering that CouponX is only a baby in the online business world, you might not expect it to bring in a hefty yearly revenue, right? But surpassing all boundaries of surprises, CouponX reveals that their annual income is growing by 200% every year!

What makes CouponX the best?

The CouponX web extension is one of the best features of the website that help generate impressive figures of CouponX revenue, traffic, and sales. The extension looks through the entire web and brings only the best deals and discounts to your results to help you get the very best online shopping experience. As you click on the extension icon on checking out, the coupons are automatically applied and help the buyer save a lot of time and effort.
Also, their DealBox brings the very best of the season into the limelight to help you buy any of the season favorites at a reasonable price. DealBox is regularly updated so that you never miss out on a deal, the latest trends, and get the best for every occasion. CouponX is a place that will not only save your precious bucks but also help you go through the most rewarding online experience in the least possible time.

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