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How can you easily migrate with Cart2Cart?

Nowadays, e-commerce is one of the most widespread activities. Looking at the multitude of online stores, it’s easy to understand why this way of earning money is so popular. But to run your business successfully, it’s necessary to watch the technologies change. Look for something relevant to the modern requirements and your demands in particular – and change platforms according to your needs. Cart2Cart service helps perform Magento to Shopify migration (or any other couple of platforms) with the perfect balance between the time spent and the result you get.

Reasons for a shopping cart migration

A cart-to-cart migration process is a result of some changes the business endures. They can be completely different:

  1. You may need to migrate your data from one platform to another if you keep searching for a convenient tool for your e-commerce. Whether you are a newbie in this business or it’s been for a long time that you are using some tool – it’s normal to look for something better.
  2. The other related reason is complete discomfort in using the platform. After some period of usage, it may appear that you are not pleased with the platform’s functionality or operation quality. In this case, you have to move the data from one tool to another as soon as possible.
  3. Re-qualification of your e-commerce. It’s also a part of a search when you look for a niche where your service or product will be demanded. So if you have a developed system but need to modify its management and contents, migration to the other platform may be a good decision (but only if you consider all its features carefully).

The other reasons are also possible – these above are an example. The gist – is to find a migration tool that will make the transfer smooth and accurate. Luckily, you are reading this article, so you have a chance to get to know the Cart2Cart service.

What information to transfer?

The Cart2Cart tool allows for the transmission of several categories of information from Magento to Shopify. These categories include:

  • product-related info;
  • customer-related info;
  • data on coupons, their terms, periods, volumes, etc.;
  • content and its management settings.

These four points suggest many other detailed items. More information about which data is being transferred you can find on

Why choose Cart2Cart?

The main advantage which makes this tool stand out is its ease of use. You should not be a pro PC user to perform the migration data; there’s no need to have even intermediate knowledge. Follow the guidance that a tool and support service gives you and enjoy simple and seamless data moves.

To find your perfect platform for e-commerce activities, you may have to search for a pretty long time. But whatever you finally choose, Cart2Cart helps you move your data in the very way you want it to be organized. Wanna try? Take your chance and examine what it looks like for free!